Children Of The Light

The world is screaming out lies everyday,
Deep darkness is roaming everywhere.
Many are asleep and keep their blinders on,
Dwelling in darkness is what they repeat on and on;
Refusing to step out of their comfort zone.

We who are the children of the light,
Let us shine and blaze through the night.
So the lost can find their way home,
Back into the fold where they belong.

Plant seeds everywhere you go,
So that the hearts of many can grow.
Seeds being watered by the Holy Spirit,
Then they can grow more in the spirit.

The love of many have grown cold,
Caring only for their own souls.
They turn their backs to their own creator,
Busy following the god of this world.

Christ awaits them to come back to Him;
To head towards the light out of this deceptive world.
He loves sinners, but not their sins;
We are to love them just like Him.

When the lost become the found,
Just as we once were lost then found,
It is a reward,
To give glory to God.

© Step Into ETERNITY, 2014.

Credit for inspiration: "Children of the Light" by Hillsong.

3 thoughts on “Children Of The Light”

  1. very nice. I love the idea of the Worship Area. I was just thinking a couple days ago about starting a page/blog of sorts. Pleased to make your acquaintance and thank you much for the Like.


  2. “Plant seeds everywhere you go, so that the hearts of many can grow.” Absolutely beautiful! 🙂



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