Prayer for Protection

This is what I would want to pray after confessing my sins and ask for forgiveness firsthand. You can also follow the prayer below by speaking it out loud.

I cover myself, my family, the belongings in my home and my family’s homes in the precious blood of JESUS.

I bind the enemy’s voice in the name of JESUS!

Satan, you are a defeated foe and in the name of JESUS, you have no power here. I bind any and all demons out of my family’s home(s) and cast you down to hell/to the place where the LORD sends to in the name of JESUS!

In the name of JESUS, I break and return all evil being sent my way and I return it and the demons to the sender.

Commentary: We must always use the name of JESUS (Philippians 2:9-11, John 14:13-14, John 14:6) when requesting to defeat the demons and in the blood of JESUS when covering ourselves to be protected, for we are redeemed in the power of HIS saving blood alone. The reason I want to add this set prayer before getting into the main context is because I want to cover myself in the blood of JESUS for protection and binding the enemy’s voice so that I would not be confused over who is speaking to me since prayer is a dialogue with GOD like a conversation, not really speaking to oneself. Also, using the word “bind” before “cast” is very important. If you only use the word “cast”, the demons may go into another person but not totally to the place you demand them to go to, which would still be the same. Binding them is like to tie them in one place so that they would not go elsewhere but to the place you send them to in authority. The last sentence is self explanatory.

Credit:, Elizabeth Alves. (1998). Hearing God's Voice. In: Karen Kaufman Becoming A Prayer Warrior. California, U.S.A.: Regal Books. p.74.,

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      1. It was a deserving post! Well done…you are certainly welcome!

        Enjoy your blessings in the Lord today and every day…
        Steve 🙂


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