The Bride Of Christ

This dame; she is ready, she is purified,
Her heart has been rend, bled and crucified;
Died by The Holy Spirit’s all consuming fire,
Together in one heart, one mind, one desire.

She is standing in a spotless and purest white gown,
And dressed in the most precious jewels all around.
Cleansed by Jesus Christ’s blood her Lord and Savior alone,
Reflecting the nine fruits of the Spirit she has grown.

She anxiously greets her bridegroom every morning,
In utter surrender and obedience to The King of Kings.
She sets apart from all things that take focus off from Him,
Chasing after God’s heart with all her might day and night.

She wanted to share with everybody what will soon happen,
Ran down the streets yelling that the Messiah is coming,
Proclaiming to people to awake and be ready for His return,
But she was rejected, ignored and misunderstood with every turn.

She was not bothered by their reactions,
It just broke her heart that they could be lost.
They are like the slumbered foolish virgins,
For they see not, hear not and understand not.

She meets God in the blessed secret place,
If anybody would just taste this blessing;
God’s love and how much more He has to offer,
They would likely drop everything and run to Him!

She excitedly awaits and watches for The Lord’s return,
Hoping He would rescue her from this strange wilderness.
She runs after every prophecy, dream and vision,
Even signs in the sky every day for clues of His coming.

At the voice of an archangel and the sound of the trumpet,
In the twinkling of an eye she was caught up in the sky,
She then was transformed into her glorified body,
Everything on earth has changed as she walks into eternity.

She stopped everything when she sees her bridegroom,
An invisible bond was created as she sees His exquisite face.
They looked at each other as though nothing mattered anymore,
They are so in love that none can break this bond.

The bridegroom has died for her and longed for His bride,
Now is the time to claim His prize; His harvest; His fruit.
She does not care if she dies for Him as she is free as a bird,
For her whole heart is sold out to God whom she lives for.

God has prepared a place that is beyond the wildest imagination,
Behold, the marriage supper of the lamb celebration in Heaven!
She will be with Him forevermore living in perfect love and peace,
As though she has never departed from Him at the start,
And nobody will be able to snatch her away from Him again.

© Step Into ETERNITY, 2014.




5 thoughts on “The Bride Of Christ”

  1. Again, I just want to say how much I appreciate your continued support on my site! I trust you are finding things of interest.

    Your site is very unique and I do look around it as I have the time. You seem to have a very good love for the truth of God’s word. That means He will “feed you” as you seek further into His will for all people!

    Again thank you for your visits, and may the Lord bless all of your efforts here…

    Steve Pejay


    1. Thank you for your ongoing support too! You are a blessing to me and it is my pleasure to write more posts on this site to shine the lights in the darkness. Have a God filled day and much love to you, Steve!


      1. Your dedication to the work of love is credited to you in God’s sight, to be sure!

        We can never understand how or why He loves us so, but He does. Thank Him for that because we all need to show God’s love to one another, and especially to the world…

        Enjoy your day in the Lord!


      2. God is everything! The sooner we understand that and live to show that to this world, the better off everyone will be.

        Again, you are a wonderful example to many in the thirst for knowledge and then sharing it with everyone…

        Have a super day in the love of God’s blessings!

        Steve 🙂


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