The 3 Days of Darkness

“Children, this is your LORD speaking, YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH. There is a darkness coming over the earth, you see it on your nightly news, you can feel it, sense it, you know it. The end is coming to the earth, as you know it. The earth is going to explode into a nightmare soon. Your hearts must be ready. Your hearts must be turned towards ME in complete and total submission. You can no longer look to your own hopes, plans and dreams. You must take your hopes and plans and dreams and lay them on MY Lap. Give them all over to ME. Let ME live them for you and guide and direct your paths. Unless you give me your ALL you will not see the Light of the day for the world will go dark for 3 days. I will take the sun and it will be hidden by a very dark cloud, a veil, that will keep it from shining. Even those around the equator will not see MY sun. The people must look to MY SON for their salvation lest they be left behind for the darkest days on this planet, earth. You must tell this, share this with your children, your parents, and your friends and neighbors lest they all perish when I take MY HOLY SPIRIT from this earth. This is the LORD speaking, YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH. AMEN AMEN AMEN, AMEN.”

Words from the LORD to Donna McDonald 6/22/14 NOTE: I am under the understanding that the 3 days of darkness and the event when the HOLY SPIRIT is removed from the earth in the Rapture are two separate events.


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