So Let US Begin. Children, I am addressing MY Children: The hour
hastens MY children. I come swiftly on wings of white doves, on a
gallant steed flanked by millions and millions of angels. This day
approaches. You need to be ready, waiting, watching, looking for

2 Thessalonians 3:5. And the LORD direct your hearts into the Love
of GOD, and into the patient waiting for CHRIST.

I am razor sharp, always on time. MY Word is Good. I do what I say
and I do it on time.

This hour is coming to a close. So do not become discouraged for
those who await ME with great expectancy, for you will not be

I am a GOD WHO Delivers on HIS Word. MY Word is good, solid, I
am the ROCK! No one who places his faith in ME will be
disappointed—No one! I change not. I am the same yesterday,
today, and forever. I am the ALPHA and the OMEGA! Children, you
must prepare. Put aside your worldly cares and make preparation.
How do you prepare? I want humble submission.

I want lowly, sincere repentance and your acknowledgement of your
sin before a HOLY GOD you are accountable to.

I want full surrender – leaving nothing out.

I want you to put all your faith in ME.

I want you to fill yourself with MY HOLY SPIRIT. Come and receive
a full oil lamp.

I want you to wash yourself in MY Word I want you to clean yourself
in MY Precious Blood—Blood I gave for your ransom.

I want you to seek ME in all your ways and to get to know ME in the
secret place.

I want you to walk with ME day by day, leaning on ME every

I want you to pray to ME and talk to ME all through the day.

This is your LORD Speaking. Children, I want you to be alert, brighteyed
and watching for ME. I want you to see the signs, know the
times, and read MY Book.

Don’t be in the dark about the Truth.

This is a dark hour and it will not get brighter. There is not
brightness coming for this world, only horror, sheer horror awaits it.
Listen closely: MY Truth is always reliable. You can always depend
on it. I have said this hour of darkness was coming and here it is
now upon you. Children, this is not the time to be complacent,
caught sleeping. Arise, come to MY Truth.

Make your amends with ME. I am waiting on you. Release your grip
on the world. That you believe so whole-heartedly in. Don’t cling to a
crumbling world as if it holds all the answers for you. Stop waffling
between the world and ME. I cannot receive your half-hearted
commitment. This will never be accepted. You must come to ME in
full submission or WE can never be together for eternity.
These are MY requirements to come into MY Kingdom. This is what
MY bride is ready to do to be part of MY World completely. She is
ready to give ME her all in all. I want complete submission. Nothing
less will do.

Children, I died for you a complete and humbling death – nothing
was left undone. There were no loose ends – I took it all: ALL of ME
– that is what I gave.

Never did I walk from MY Desire to receive your due punishment. I
received it in full measure. Every moment was grueling and
torturous. I was like a LAMB to the dogs. Nothing of ME was left
when it was over. The price was paid in full.

Psalms 22:16. For dogs have compassed ME: the assembly of the
wicked have enclosed ME: they pierced MY Hands and MY Feet.

Do not reject this great price I paid for your penalties. If you reject
this offer you will not receive another remission for your sins. There
is no other remission for sins. Although people look for it—it does
not exist. I am the only payment: MY Spilt Blood, MY Suffering on
the Cross, MY Broken Body, MY Broken Heart. I paid your price,
your penalty, and I did it freely of MY OWN Will so that you could
enjoy fellowship in full with MY FATHER, I, and MY SPIRIT. This is
what I endured and why.

Hebrews 13:12. Wherefore JESUS also, that HE might sanctify the
people with HIS Own Blood, suffered without the gate.
This is a Precious Gift, MY children. Price cannot be put on it – no
price would suffice. Don’t count it worthless or trivialize it. Treat this
gift with respect. There is no greater gift than this one afforded you
by your GOD.

Now children, I do not ask for payment for this gift. There is no
payment you could make that could even touch its value. It is free –
given freely and available for your taking. Do not shun or reject such
an Enormous Gift from such a Humble and Generous GOD.

Rejecting such a Great Gift will bring eternal penalties. To reject
such a Gift will bring eternal hell. Do you understand MY children?
So do not handle this Gift lightly. Care for it because it is a Most
Precious Offering by your GOD for your salvation and everlasting
freedom from hell damnation.

Hebrews 10:29. Of how much sorer punishment, suppose ye, shall
he be thought worthy, who hath trodden underfoot the SON of GOD,
and hath counted the Blood of the covenant, wherewith he was
sanctified, an unholy thing, and hath done despite unto the SPIRIT
of grace? This is a Rare Gift indeed. So few in this world look upon
it and value it. So few will walk MY Streets of Gold, because of their
cavalier attitude toward MY Great and Gracious Gift to mankind. Do
not be fooled. To mishandle such a Great Gift is very dangerous. So
hold it close, cherish, and revere MY Gift and be glad for it because
through it is eternal salvation, hope, and life everlasting in the Great
Kingdom of GOD.

MY Gift to mankind only I could have paid and only I accomplished
what no other living soul could have achieved. I give freely MY Love
undone, MY Love, Greater than any other known love.
Come sup with ME at MY Table of Love and experience love like no
other. I give freely. This is a once in a lifetime offer. Take…take
freely. It won’t always be available.

This is MY Love Offering Poured Out. Come whosoever will…

Copyright © 2012 Susan Davis
All rights reserved.
ISBN-13: 978-1477478332
ISBN-10: 1477478337
NOTICE: You are encouraged to distribute copies of this document
through any means, electronic or in printed form. You may post this
material, in whole or in part, on your website or anywhere else. But
we do request that you include this notice so others may know they
can copy and distribute as well. This book is available as a free
ebook and mp3 at the website:
© 2012 by Susan Davis


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