“Choose life or death. The choice is yours to make: beauty or ugliness; eternal life or eternal death.”

This was the first letter we received that the LORD really
talks about the world to come and where the Bride is

October 7th, 2010.

Dear Friends–Once again, I received a letter from the LORD JESUS
Tuesday night and I was amazed about the topic HE discusses–
about our homes in the world to come–this truly amazes me,
because I never know what direction HIS letters will go in until the
moment He dictates it to me. This letter is truly inspiring and also
has an important dire message as well! God bless, Susan Davis.
Letter 22. Tuesday, October 05, 2010.

Write it down. I am coming soon. The world is not ready, but I am
coming anyway. They think I am not coming but I will do as I say.
These words are true. MY words are true. I do as I say I will.
Daughter, write it down. Soon the day will come and it is coming fast
when I touch down and pick up MY bride to deliver her home safely.

She will fly with ME home safely and I will bring her home to pamper
her, to care for her, to love her, to be with her. We will be together
and it will be so glorious. All is prepared for her. She will be received
by an army of angels in the air and flown to safety. It will be a
wonderful sight. I am anxious for this moment to greet her in the air.
It will be a glorious sight. Many will be amazed and startled at this
sight. She will be so beautiful. Angels will marvel at her beauty.
I am anxious for her to fly with me to heaven. The preparations have
been made to receive her. As we fly to heaven together she will
arrive to a beautiful Kingdom and she will see beautiful things.

There will be much for her to do and see upon her arrival. She will
be amazed at the sight. MY people have no idea what wonders
await them in their new homes. They will be startled at the sight. It
will be a moment of awe and magnitude. I, Jesus will bring her into
her new home across the threshold. Together we will explore her
new habitation and she will see the wonder awaiting her.

All will be amazed at the sight. MY bride will be made ready by her
countenance and her jewels given to her by ME, her King. I will
capture her heart into Mine. She will see the wonderful homes
prepared for her. The scenery will be dazzling. I will sweep her off
her feet. Her mansions will put anything earth has to shame.

The mansions are all ready for her arrival. Everything is ready. We
have her home ready. She will be amazed at the beauty. There is so
much to say. This heavenly home will be like nothing she has seen
before. These homes are spectacular. I have made sure that every
detail is in place. There is a life waiting for the bride.
Write it down. The home prepared for MY bride in heaven is so
amazing. We have many wonderful things made ready for the bride.
She will be astounded. There will be wonderful activities to do.
There will be all kinds of family to meet.

MY bride will be in complete bliss. I, Jesus have made her a
wonderful home that is destined to amaze. It is hard to describe the
indescribable. Earth lacks the experiences to describe such beauty.
MY city will be pure and clean. Nothing dirty will enter in, only those
pure of heart. I, Jesus am ready to show these homes to the
children. I am ready to let them see their homes. All is ready.
MY winged forces are ready to receive the bride and bring her
home. It will happen soon. The time is short, brief. All need to get
ready. We must depart soon and leave this world behind. She is
coming home to the home she belongs to. Keep watching for ME. I
am always with you.

These are MY words. Write it down. We have much to discuss.
These homes for the children are ready and waiting. I, Jesus have
made sure they lack no good thing. Each home is made with loving
hands to match the interests of MY children. I made sure these
homes accommodate their unique interests. MY children are all
different and have unique likes and interests. They will find these
homes greatly to their liking. They will enjoy exploring their homes.
All is made ready. I know MY children. I know who they are. I know
the homes they are going to, will astound and amaze them.
Write it down.

I am ready to bring MY children home. It will happen soon. MY
children will be so happy in their new homes. The days are growing
darker on earth. I am ready to depart and receive MY bride. Life in
heaven will be beautiful. There will be much to do. It will be a place
of wonder and beauty. The children will love their new homes and
the spectacular scenery. This is an eternal home unmarred by
human hands. This is a home of grace and beauty. These homes
will leave MY people breathless in awe. I spare no expense for MY
children. All is ready and waiting for their arrival. They will truly be

The time is closing in. The hour is closing in. Soon, we will fly away
to our homes and reside together in bliss. MY loved ones, I want
you to see how lovely this world is and how you will be so happy. All
is ready. Surrender your lives to ME in this hour so that I might take
you with ME to your new homes, heavenly homes, to beauty
unimaginable, where there is no mar or imperfection. You can see it.
You can be there too, it is yours if you surrender your life to ME
now. I am your Lord. Make no mistake, I will not be mocked. I will
not be trifled with by men who do not truly understand God and MY
ways. If you knew ME, truly knew ME, you would not mock MY
words; MY desire to warn you; MY desire to bring you to Myself in
this waning hour. But you mock ME and refuse to listen. I have a
wonderful heavenly home prepared for MY children, MY loved ones.
But make no mistake, choose against ME, reject MY offer and you
will miss all this. You will not see the Son of Man in all His Glory.
You will miss the most wonderful experience for eternity.

I am sorry for your loss, but the choice is clearly yours. I cannot
choose for you. You must choose. Choose life or death. The choice
is yours to make: beauty or ugliness; eternal life or eternal death.
The choice is yours to make. Do not underestimate the shortness of
this hour. I will not wait forever on you to choose for ME. No choice
is a choice. Think this through clearly and decide how you plan to
spend eternity. I am GOD, I allow you to choose, but the time is
short and your life is in your hands to decide. Choose well. This is
your moment to decide.

Sabrina received this message from the LORD on Wednesday Oct.
6, 2010 regarding this letter:
“Write it down. These are MY words. Anyone who does not take MY
Words seriously, will suffer greatly for all eternity. Don’t make it hard
for yourself, choose now. I AM is coming to rapture MY bride, MY
beautiful bride. I AM is coming to take her home, her eternal home,
where she will be astonished by the beauty of it. All is ready, all is
done, come MY children, look towards heaven, I AM is ready. I will
always love you with an everlasting love. MY love is so different
than yours, MY love is perfect, MY love is beautiful, MY love is
perfect. Therefore, take heed of these warnings, written in love for
you MY people. I AM is coming and the time is closing in. Those
who have ears will listen.”

Some info about seeking & finding GOD:

A very encouraging helpful website for seeking GOD:

Previous letters from the LORD can be found at this link:

Dear Friends in Christ,
We have received many emails about people who are concerned for
their lost friends and loved ones. So if you have many around you
who are lost and you are concerned for their eternal welfare, we
recommend the following: pray for them to be covered with the
precious blood of Christ; pray for them to have a hedge of protection
around them; pray for the LORD to send angels to guard them; pray
for the HOLY SPIRIT to open the eyes of their hearts and to fill them
with the truth. And never stop praying or fighting for your loved
ones, God hears your prayers, and your prayers count! God is
especially tender to the prayers of a mother for her children.
We have received many emails about people who are concerned for
their own salvation. We have provided a couple links with details
and verses that would be very helpful from the Bible here above.
Matthew 7:21-23 says: ″Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’
will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only he who does the will of
MY Father who is in heaven. Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord,
Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and in your name drive out
demons and perform many miracles?’ Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I
never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!’

The key words in this section are the words “I NEVER KNEW YOU”,
in the Bible the word know means to be intimate with and this is
what Jesus is saying here, these people were engaging in works,
but Jesus is saying you never actually knew ME intimately. How do
we know anyone intimately? Well we get to know them through their
likes, dislikes and spending time with them. With Jesus, that means
reading your Bible, spending time talking to Jesus and getting to
know Christ. So if someone doesn’t know Jesus very well, they may
be more of a casual acquaintance instead of an intimate friend or
follower of Christ. Jesus wants more than a casual acquaintance
relationship, HE wants it all: your heart, soul, and mind. Surrender
everything to HIM and allow the Holy Spirit to come into your life to
change your heart and renew your mind, it can’t be accomplished
without the Holy Spirit working in a fully surrendered follower. May
you find Jesus in a new way today. God bless you.

NOTICE: You are encouraged to distribute copies of this document
through any means, electronic or in printed form. You may post this
material, in whole or in part, on your website or anywhere else. But
we do request that you include this notice so others may know they
can copy and distribute as well. This book is available as a free
ebook and mp3 at the website: http://end-times-prophecy.com
© 2011 by Susan Davis and Sabrina De Muynck


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