“I am coming soon. This is the season of MY coming.”

In this letter, JESUS talks about His bride and also talks
about the evil of hell. We included the letter from Sally
Richter who received a very similar message from the

October 11th, 2010.

The LORD JESUS dictated this letter to me and I am sending it out
because the message is urgent. I have also included below it
another letter given to a Sally Richter from the LORD that we
received recently. The message and voice are the same, so we are
including it with this latest letter, God is trying to warn HIS children
about the late hour–God bless you, Susan Davis.

Letter 23. October 10, 2010.

Write it down daughter, this is your Lord Jesus. Susan the hour is
waning. Soon I will be coming. Many do not believe. They will be
surprised. I cannot help them if they do not believe. They choose
not to believe on their own because I have given them plenty of
warnings. Why do they wait to find ME when I have given them
warnings? I have so much for them in heaven when I take MY bride.
All is ready. I am coming soon. This is the season of MY coming.
Many are not aware of how close it is. They will be caught off guard
when I come to get MY bride.

Write it down. The time is near, even at hand. The majority will be
left to face the worst. I love them, but their hearts are far from ME. I
have a wonderful place in heaven waiting for them, but they choose
this life over ME. Even this life here would be good if they were with

ME, Susan: Why are the people around me not seeing this?
They are not seeing it because they choose not to. I have given
them many signs to see the truth, truth right before them, but they
refuse to believe that they are the generation.

The people will know I am God after MY people are taken and they
are left. They will know that I can’t be trifled with and their hypocrisy
is a stench to ME. I desire for them to follow ME and be sold out, but
they refuse to listen and so many will be left. The Son of Man is
coming in the air. There will be much regret for not following ME.
This is what I have to say: stay close to ME, if you want to
surrender. Satan is a roaring lion looking for whomever to devour.
Susan write it down. Thank you for meeting ME here. I am your
Divine Lord Jesus, beauty spectacular. Eyes have not seen the
beauty of the Lord God. Soon the bride will behold the beauty of her
Groom and Maker. I am Jesus, her Love. She is Mine. I love her
with a never-ending love. All will see the way I adore her. She is MY
love for eternity. The bride is spectacular and I, Jesus hold a special
place for her in MY heart. She will rule and reign with me forever.
Her tenderness will be known throughout eternity. What love she
has for ME and what love I have for her. I am forever hers. Our eyes
are one; our hearts are one; our love is one. We are united in love
and Spirit. She walks beside ME. MY love knows no bounds toward
her. Surrender to ME and become MY love and bride. I will take you
with ME when I come to get MY bride. We will rule and reign
together forever. All is ready for the bride to flee away skyward.
MY love is awaiting her. I am ready to begin. I am ready for her to
come to ME. The time is now and I am ready. There is so much for
the bride to do in heaven when she arrives. These closing days
bring us nearer to the hour of MY arrival. The hour is urgent. The
people do not wake. They sleep. Sad they will be when they are left.
What a sad time for them. All I can do is plead if they will not listen,
what can be done? They refuse to listen and they will be left to fend
for themselves. I cannot save those who turn their backs to ME.
They must know their rejection of ME will be fatal and final. Their
demise will be dismal. I cannot do more than I am doing. They must
choose. The choice is theirs to make: a life of love or of destruction.

Write it down. The world does not know what it is doing by rejecting
the Son of Man. It will soon find out how sad it will be to reject ME. I
am prepared to save whomever surrenders to ME, but reject ME
and all is lost for eternity.

I hold out MY hand and give all, but the world rejects. It chooses
second best. It rejects the best, the Son of Man in all His glory,
beauty, and love spectacular. What incredible loss, and for what?
Worldly compromise, the things of this world are shallow and trite
compared to MY unconditional love. I love with so much beauty and
grace, the human mind cannot comprehend the incomprehensible
love I offer. There is no comparison. Life is empty without MY love;
without MY power; without MY Spirit. The world is shallow, empty,
lost, and confused. There is no good place to turn for truth without
the One who is Truth.

There is no other truth to be found. The beauty of MY truth is all
encompassing and life is empty without it. I can only offer MY hand
to those who will take it and be saved. If the people will not take MY
hand, MY love, and believe MY words that I am coming, then they
will awaken very soon and find themselves left without a Savior and
rejected to the life that they have chosen instead of MY love and

I don’t want anyone to be left in this last moment, but I cannot save
someone who does not turn to ME and repent of sin and follow ME
with complete surrender. This world offers nothing and this truth will
win out in the end: sad for many and beauty for few.
Write it down.

These words are for those who will listen. I, Jesus, Son of Man have
a plan. I will take MY bride away to safety: to bliss, to life
everlasting, and love never ending. I am a God of Truth. I wait on
you, I warn, I wait and you reject. You see the world and it looks so
inviting, but it offers you emptiness. So many step off into eternity: to
nothingness and emptiness, suffering, and destruction. I offer more
than these things. MY love is a fount, a road, a way. It leads, it
guides, and spreads out beauty in front of you, a feast of love,
peace, satisfaction, and you will miss this because you do not seek
answers and truth. You do not seek God. You love the world and
you find emptiness and pathways to hell. Hell that is unending.
I, God am true to MY word. If you turn your back to ME, I will lose
you for all eternity and the sadness and horror will never end, the
worm that never dies. I cannot retrieve you out of hell once you are
there. It will be eternal loss and eternal suffering. Do not go this
direction. Think hard and choose life. Choose ME: I am the Life, the
Way, the Truth. You will not get to the Father except through ME.

I cannot retrieve you out of hell once you are there. It is an unending
choice that cannot be undone. Please see the truth. I do not want to
see you in hell. This was not MY intent for your life. But you must
choose. If you don’t choose for ME, you will die and suffer. I died
and suffered so you can avoid this end, but you reject MY gift. I
suffered greatly so that you would not have to. What do I, God, need
to do to wake you to this truth? Please believe the simple truth. It is
a choice. Surrender your life to ME and follow or find yourself on the
path to destruction: beauty untold or horrors unending.

This is it. You must choose. I am a patient God, but MY patience is
wearing thin on this evil generation who blasphemes her Lord and
Savior and rejects truth openly in exchange for gross evil. What can
I do to wake you up? Come to ME now. Wait not, you will wait too
long and then the door will shut and it won’t open again and you will
suffer greatly at the hand of MY enemy. He is ruthless and savage.
He hates humanity and will kill and destroy without abandon.
Wake up now. This is your Lord and Savior speaking. Run to ME. I
am swift. I will take you to safety. You will be covered under MY
wings of glory. All will be safe. I am giving you final warnings.
Please wake up. Do not slumber. The evil world is forming. All is
growing dark. There will be no place to run and hide, let ME free you
from the coming nightmare. It will be the darkest hour man has ever
known. Let ME free you of this hour, spend this hour with ME in
peace and security in a beautiful heavenly home. Choose against
ME and suffer the consequences of your choosing.

I hold out MY hand, latch on. I will never let you go if you reach for it
and hold on tight, I will never let you go. These words are true. In
your heart you know the lateness of the hour. Don’t be deceived by
those around you who are blind. I, Jesus am for you. Who can be
against you?

We recently received this letter from Sally Richter, I believe she is
from Germany, and we were amazed at the similarity of the voice
and message to the letters that Sabrina and I have received from
the LORD so I wanted to include also this letter received from the
LORD by Sally Richter, please note: this letter has been translated
to English:

17 September 2010 at 06:00am, German time.

Write MY child. MY glorious Spirit is upon the earth. It will be over
soon. Many things would come fast and hard for many people. This
is Jesus, Your Lord and Father. I am sounding the trumpets now.
Do not harden your heart to MY voice, tell all people. It will come in
a split second and those who did not repent will perish and for those
who believe and had prepared, a glorious day, banquet and all that I
have prepared. The evil is lurking everywhere now strong and
powerful at these days. They will devour anyone and many. MY little
children will suffer a while but it is only their bodies, their soul I am
taking care of.

Unto MY spirit I commend men to be cleansed by MY Holy Blood
but many of them do not take heed of MY warning. Many will suffer
at the hands of the enemy. Many will cry and wail at the end but I
cannot deliver them for I called them hard, but they do not like. The
serpents are roaming around now much stronger. They are taking
many people, many souls because of their own desires. They are
eating fruits of this earth and this fruits bear sins never dirtiest as
before. It is rotten and full of sins. It is coming to their deepest and
eating their souls.

Sally, MY child, prepare yourself. I am stirring your spirit for you to
love ME, you obey and you came from me. I know your sufferings
and pains. You cried for many souls, but I cried harder for them and
on the cross I bled for them. I gave them mercy, but they do not
have mercy on ME, MY Spirit is rejecting them. I knew how they
laughed and shunned you and it hurts me deeply for it is I, they
reject, not you, and their soul I cannot save.

It will be over soon MY child, the hour of vengeance is at hand. On
that day they will cry on ME but I will not listen nor give ear to them
like how they do to ME. I love them but they are full of sins, no
humbleness in their hearts, no spirit of fear that I AM GOD.
Do not believe the love that you hear in this world, believe only in
ME for I have loved you more than ever and more than anyone. Do
not contaminate yourself of the sins of men and believe in lies. Seek
always the truth and the glow of love in men’s hearts will prevail.
The bread I gave you will strengthen you. The enemy is after you,
but I covered you with MY Holy Blood and Holy Spirit. They cannot
harm you. Go on spreading the mark of the beast, fast. that they
cannot blame ME and have an excuse on the day of MY judgment. I
love you, MY daughter. It will be over soon and you will rest in MY
Kingdom together with many of MY beautiful and obedient children
around the world.

This I published now, with the Lord’s confirmation to me in His
words, The third Epistle of John.

Yesterday, September 23, 2010, “Do not harden your heart to MY

Why are so many not wanting to see that the LORD is coming so
soon? I believe that 2 Timothy 4:8 is key to why people can’t see
what is plainly before them:

2 Timothy 4:8. Now there is in store for me the crown of
righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will award to
me on that day, and not only to me, but also to all who have longed
for his appearing.

According to the Bible, there is a crown of righteousness awaiting
those who long for the appearing of Christ. God awards those who
long for Jesus’ return with a crown. So this is a key point because I
believe if you are not longing for his appearance then something
else has displaced that longing.

What could replace the longing for Christ’s appearance in a
Christian’s life? Could it be other worldly interests and pursuits that
have filled the place of that longing as top priority? If so, then there
is definitely not room for the longing for Christ’s appearance.

If you are not longing for Christ’s appearance because something
else has usurped your time and interest then any mention of the
possibility of Christ’s return being at hand is not going to be of
interest to you. This is because you have no longing for his
appearance. If you did, then you would not be resistant,
disinterested, or disengaged from the idea that Jesus’ return could
be so soon.

People who long for anything are not disengaged from the things
related to what they long for. Hence, those who long for the return of
JESUS, as mentioned in 2 Timothy 4:8, will not be put off,
disinterested, or even hostile to the things that suggest that the
return of the LORD is near, but rather they would embrace such

So if the “longing for His appearing” holds no sway in your life then
you might want to ask yourself what does? James 4:4 says: You
adulterous people, don’t you know that friendship with the world is
hatred toward God? Anyone who chooses to be a friend of the world
becomes an enemy of God. If your friendship with the world is
replacing your longing for the appearance of Christ then you
probably don’t like the suggestion that Jesus’ return could be so

You may say to me as in 2 Peter 3:4 “Where is this ‘coming’ he
promised? Ever since our fathers died, everything goes on as it has
since the beginning of creation.” But God says for the true Christian
you are to long for Christ’s appearance and that it can’t be less
important to you than a friendship with the world. Jesus says to
surrender all to Him and the lukewarm church wants to give Him just
a portion because they are sharing their longings with the world. If
you aren’t longing for the appearance of the LORD in your heart
than your eyes aren’t going to be open to the idea that the LORD’s
return could be so soon.

The word “longing” also means a persistent and strong or yearning
desire. David and Isaiah used the word “longs” to describe their
feelings toward the LORD in these terms:

Psalm 63:1. A psalm of David. When he was in the Desert of Judah.
O God, you are MY God, earnestly I seek you; MY soul thirsts for
you, MY body longs for you, in a dry and weary land where there is
no water.

Isaiah 26:9. MY soul yearns for you in the night; in the morning MY
spirit longs for you. When your judgments come upon the earth, the
people of the world learn righteousness.

I also want to mention that 2 Timothy 4:8 is not a date-sensitive
command. God makes no statement in this verse to “long for
Christ’s appearance” after a certain date or time in history has
passed. Isn’t that interesting? So who could possibly long for
Christ’s appearance and simultaneously be disinterested in things
related to watching for Christ?

If in MY heart, I think Christ is not coming back for many years into
the future despite all of the signs having come to pass, I doubt very
much that longing for His appearance will be of any great interest to
me. This is something you need to ask yourself as a Christian, are
you following the mandate of God to long for the appearing of Christ
or are you just totally disinterested? How do you discount the signs
He has given that are coming to pass before our very eyes and yet
maintain to be a surrendered Christian? Without a longing for HIS
appearing and without studying and acknowledging that the signs in
the Bible point to the very soon return of Christ–you cannot be a
surrendered Christian–the two are disconnected. This leaves you in
the category of lukewarm–a very dangerous place to be.

NOTICE: You are encouraged to distribute copies of this document
through any means, electronic or in printed form. You may post this
material, in whole or in part, on your website or anywhere else. But
we do request that you include this notice so others may know they
can copy and distribute as well. This book is available as a free
ebook and mp3 at the website: http://end-times-prophecy.com
© 2011 by Susan Davis and Sabrina De Muynck


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