“I am seeking a bride set apart. Come away from the things of the world.”

In the letter to Susan the LORD talks about the people
being far away from HIM. HE also talks about the way the
people profane HIS Holy name in this letter. Primarily this
letter addresses the trivial way the people use GOD’s
name and HE will avenge the use of His name.

November 25th, 2010.

These messages were dictated to us and other people as well. If
you take a minute to read this message, you will see the urgency in
the tone and the great sadness of the times we live in and the
incredible way the world has turned its back to its LORD and

If each person who reads this message felt so compelled to forward
it to just one person then the warning would go out to alert the
people everywhere. I hope the Christians will start paying attention
to the lateness of the hour and seek the LORD. If they do not, they
are putting out the wrong message to those around them that all is
well and therefore putting people into a dangerous condition of
unpreparedness. GOD bless and love to you all.

Letter 43. November 24, 2010. Dictated by the LORD JESUS to

Yes, Susan, I am ready to give you words.

The season is changing. Swiftly comes the change. The people
sleep. Soon they will wake, but not in time to be taken. Many, many
will be left behind. What a sorrowful moment. I truly regret that so
many do not seek ME. I am sorry for their loss. I cannot change
their minds if they refuse to pay attention to MY warnings in MY
Book and the warnings of the times. Everything coordinates. Just as
I said it would.

I foretold these events as they are coming to pass, yet the people
refuse to pay attention. They are not looking, watching. Their eyes
are captivated by the things of the world and not on ME. I have
warned them to keep their eyes fixed on ME and to be watching for
ME. But things are as they have always been just as their fathers
before them they say and they care not to pursue ME, their LORD
and MAKER, MASTER, LOVER. I am not even in the forefront of
their minds. They have given heed to the wanderings of their human
minds and the teachings of demons. This is the direction they move
in. GOD is not even on their radar. I do not hold a place in their
hearts. I am far away from their minds, their thoughts. Anything but
GOD they make time for, anything but ME their CREATOR.

Why is there such a large gap between us? I did not do this. MY
Arms are opened wide. The people have chosen to separate
themselves from ME. They put space between us. They choose to
be far away. I am not on their minds. So be it. These people want
ME away. They create all sorts of excuses for themselves to stand
apart from ME. They embrace all forms of evil and I am not included
in their daily lives. Not a thought comes to mind as they traverse
through their days. I don’t enter their minds at all. GOD is a distant
memory to most. The people think I am a fable, a great made up

Soon, the world will know MY Name. Soon the world will remember I
exist. I have a place in the world. I made the world. I am Divine. I am
GOD. Who are these people fooling? MY Name enters their mouths
as a curse word. This is how I am remembered. I give them life and
I am nothing more to them than merely a word to use in vain to
curse someone. Well I, GOD, am sickened by their hostility toward

Stand before ME and repent for your foul treatment of MY HOLY
NAME. I did not create you to take MY Name in vain, to trample on
it with your ugly, disrespectful use of it.

This generation is lost. It is profane, abusive, foul, a stench under
MY HOLY Nostrils. I cannot take it any longer. I bless and bless the
people with life, with wholeness. I died. I suffered. I gave all. I bled
out. I gave MY back to scourging. Oh the torture I endured. Oh the
suffering. The beatings. The foul language. The spitting. The horror
of it all. This was MY gift to mankind, to save a peoples lost in sin
and degradation. I did this from MY heart. MY love poured out on
the ground and now the people turn their backs and put ME to
shame all over again. They have no respect, no awe, no adoration
for who I am, for what I have done, for the sacrifice I made. MY
Name is down-trodden in the mud, foul language. MY Name is used
in crass ways, for crass purposes.

I am an angry, powerful GOD and I will stand for this no more. You
have trampled on MY good Name too much and MY patience is
about to end. Your disrespect sickens ME. You are a foul people run
amok in your sin and degradation, your evil, and MY Name has
been defiled and defamed enough. Do you really believe I will allow
this to carry on much longer? I cannot. It is a full-scale attack on MY
HOLINESS, MY BEAUTY. Disrespect has risen to MY throne, MY
very throne. And, I, GOD cannot tolerate this ill treatment of MY

I am a humble, loving GOD Who stepped down from beauty to
ugliness at its height and gave all there was to give. MY sacrifice
was complete. I had nothing else to give that day on the cross. But
MY patience is ending with this generation of foul-mouthed evil and
sinful, disregardful people. I have seen and heard enough and if you
think other wise, if you think this can continue on, then you too have
lost sight of what a HOLY GOD represents and what I have already

Your love of this world sickens ME. You don’t watch for MY coming
because your eyes are too tightly glued to your wooden idols. You
can’t move away long enough to grope in the dark to look for your
CREATOR to find ME. You need ME, you need ME desperately. But
you are so lost in your lust for this life and this ugly, evil world that
you cling to it and it is obscene to ME.

I know how you feel toward ME. I know how little I enter your mind.
When things go awry you cry out to ME, but then when things are
normal again, you forget quickly who I am. Your lackluster
commitment to ME is noted and when you stand before ME unless
you repent of your lukewarm commitment now, I will not recognize
you and your loss will be great. If you knew how great, you would
stand up now and pay attention.

Why do you think you were created? Do you think I created you to
worship wooden idols? Is that what you think? You were created to
worship ME. You were created to get to know ME. I gave you MY
Book and I gave you a brain to seek ME and to find ME. I wanted
relationship with MY creation. You scatter in all directions to all
kinds of lesser gods, but to your one true LOVE.

I am waiting only briefly for you to come to your senses. Lay down
your life in front of ME. Repent for your evil. Seek MY FACE, MY
GLORIOUS FACE. Do this and I will save you in this evil hour that is
at hand. Reject MY offer and I will allow you to face the world you so
embrace. It will not be pleasant. The enemy has all sorts of torment
and torture planned for those who reject ME, their GOD. He will not
play fair. He will not be nice. He will destroy, rape, pillage, plunder.
No one will escape it. If you take his mark, you will be tortured and
tormented forever.

Think this through carefully. Escape this madness, avoid hell on
earth. I will be holding out MY Arms a little longer, but make no
mistake, the evil world is about to take hold and I will allow it.
I am sad about the people, but MY patience has been pushed too
far and your disregard of ME, your GOD, is about to end. Why do
these people, even MY people believe I can tolerate this much
longer? MY Name is Holy and I will avenge MY Name. I will punish
those who trifle with MY Name, these who use it so commonly as if
it is any other word in the language. What a sad, disrespectful
generation that has completely abandoned holiness and GOD’s
beauty embracing every foul thing the enemy puts out. The people
have abandoned themselves to the gross and profane. Humanity
has lost itself. Soon the world will find out what happens when you
get what you want and it is hell and horror. Horror glamorized will
soon be horror reality. It won’t be pretend horror. It will be real life
horror. GOD will be tending to HIS beautiful bride as the world
engages in its brand of evil.

These are MY warnings. Those who have ears hear and those who
have eyes see. All looks well on the surface. But underneath dwells
an enemy that is so ruthless and blood-thirsty, if I, GOD did not
come back to end the madness no one would be left standing.
You lack discernment MY people. You look around and see what
your neighbors do and you make no changes. Quit running with the
crowd. I told you the path is narrow and few find it. Broad is the road
to hell. Heed MY Holy Words. I spoke them. I change not. The road
is narrow. I am the only ONE Who can get you to that road. Seek
MY SPIRIT. Seek MY FACE. Start by getting down on your hands
and knees and repenting for your evil mouth. I will have a pure
bride. I cannot take you if you are spotted and wrinkled. These are
MY terms.

Time is running out. Walk away from the crowd. Step out. Step
away. I am seeking a bride set apart. Come away from the things of
the world. Put down the unclean things. Stand back from the unholy.
Be different. Be unique. Stand out from the people. Be set apart.
Come and receive MY refining fire. I will create you new. I will make
you ready. Only I can do this for you. I alone can purify your heart
and bring you to this holiness. Get ready. I am taking with ME a
bride who is made ready. Time is short. The way is made clear.
Walk in it, but a short time then the door closes.

I, JESUS of Nazareth have spoken.

Last night, November 25, 2010, I, Sabrina, had a terrible dream.
GOD however told me that this dream was from HIM. I understood
that it was about the coming tribulation. Here is a brief description of
the dream:

I was with a lot of people in a small place in a home. A woman used
the toilet, and I was afraid that something scary would happen.
When someone opened the door, the woman had just drowned
herself in the cesspool of the toilet. It was a horrible sight and when

I woke up I was still disgusted. After prayer and Bible reading, GOD
gave me the following explanation:

“The darkness will strike in this world so hard after MY bride is
removed and many will take their life. Just like you disgusted by this
picture, I loathe the sin and the aversion that many have for me.
Their end will be terrible and despair and suffering will be their
eternal part in the lake of fire.”

GOD told me also that He was very sad.

Revelation 3:16. So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither
cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of MY mouth.

Ezekiel 20:43. And there shall ye remember your ways, and all your
doings, wherein ye have been defiled; and ye shall lothe yourselves
in your own sight for all your evils that ye have committed.

Ezekiel 36:31. Then shall ye remember your own evil ways, and
your doings that were not good, and shall lothe yourselves in your
own sight for your iniquities and for your abominations.

NOTICE: You are encouraged to distribute copies of this document
through any means, electronic or in printed form. You may post this
material, in whole or in part, on your website or anywhere else. But
we do request that you include this notice so others may know they
can copy and distribute as well. This book is available as a free
ebook and mp3 at the website: http://end-times-prophecy.com
© 2011 by Susan Davis and Sabrina De Muynck


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