“I cannot take you if you do not surrender all to ME.”

This is a letter from JESUS to Susan telling the people to
listen to HIS warnings and that the people are not paying
attention at all or listening to His warnings. The world is
blind and not seeing what is coming. Also includes a
letter from Mary of Texas who received a similar word
from the LORD.

November 20th, 2010.

I received a very serious letter from the LORD and was told by HIM
to get it out right away. With this letter is another letter from Mary of
Texas, U.S. She had approached me about the letters that she too
had been receiving from the LORD herself. We were told by the
LORD to add her letter to ours and send it out too. I pray you seek
the LORD JESUS for salvation and to be the MOST important part
of your life.

Letter 40. November 19, 2010, dictated to Susan from the LORD

Susan these are MY words. I am ready to give you words.

I am in front of you MY people pleading. Listen to ME. The hour is
short. The evil is forming. You must hear ME. I speak truth. Soon
you will not hear any truth. Soon the world will become completely
black with darkness. It will grow dark and cold uninhabitable,
unreliable people at every turn. Truth will disappear.

MY people who preserve truth will be gone up into the heavens with
ME to their glorious homes, homes I have prepared for them to be
taken to for safety away from the maddening rush on earth. Evil will
ensue, strongholds of evil unrivaled to any other time in history.
People will cry out for justice, but it will be replaced with treachery
and the divine will be replaced with gross evil.
Where are your heads, MY people? Where do you hide your heads,
in the sand? Can you not see what is right before you? You are
afraid to look up and see because you think all is well. MY life is
untouched. Things are fine. The world goes on as it always does.
MY church does not tell me any different. All is well.

Susan, write it down.

The people are mesmerized and taken over by their own maligned
beliefs. They see not because they choose not to look. It is there.
Those who bother to look see it and they warn others to save them
from the coming storm and are met with opposition at every turn.
MY people wake up. The truth is there before you. The hour is
closing in. Listen to reason.

You think these words are empty. You think I, GOD am not
speaking. You think I, GOD do not exist. Let me tell you, I am a
force to be reckoned with. I will avenge MY enemies: those who
choose to reject ME; those who choose to harm MY children; those
who choose to hate GOD. Will you choose to be against ME or will
you choose to receive MY salvation, MY blood-bought salvation.
Get on your knees before ME. Repent! Turn your hearts back to ME
before it is too late. Show regret for your adoration of the world in
front of a HOLY GOD who hates evil and protects the widows and
orphans. Show ME your repentance. Show ME your sorrow over
your lust for the things of this world and I will heal your hearts and
bring you back to MYSELF. You will be found worthy to fly away
with ME to safe hiding to MY Kingdom far away. I will hold you and
love you. I will protect and keep you. You will be MY possession and
I will love you forever.

Reject ME in this hour and I must leave without you. I am sorry, but I
cannot take you if you do not surrender all to ME. Half-hearted
commitments cannot be accepted. I love completely. Love ME
completely and be saved, be spared from gross disaster.
You are listening to men if you do not see this coming. You have
folded in with the wayward sheep who have left MY pasture. You
are following blindly the sheep headed away from their lovely
Shepherd into the darkness. The wolves are waiting in the wings to
capture you when I take MY faithful flock to safety. You will be
devoured. This is not a parable or story. It is truth. You are blind if
you cannot see it.

I am before you pleading. Open your Bibles. Read the truth. Stop
listening to men. Seek ME, your LORD JESUS. Pray to ME. Read
about ME. Ask MY Spirit for truth. Ask ME to open your eyes to truth
and I will help you see. I have the answers, not men. You are blind
leading blind. Take off your blindfolds. The hour is short. Seek ME. I
will give you truth. There is no other truth. I am the AUTHOR of

Oh, listen to ME, MY people. These are not empty words. Get on
your hands and knees before ME and pray for your very souls to be
saved. I will do it. I will see your humble hearts and I will lead you
out. Give ME your all and I will save you from gross, endless evil
that only I, GOD will stop. MEN will not be able to stop the evil
forming, try though they might.

They are not fighting flesh and blood, they are fighting principalities
of the air. Only I have the armor to fight this enemy. Come to ME
and I give it freely. Be wise. Be discerning. Know the times. Read
MY Book. Seek MY Face. Do not waste what little time is left on
worldly pursuits. Seek MY Face. Humble yourself before ME. Show
ME your adoration for the GOD who breathes life into you everyday.
Without ME you would not be here.

You cannot accept a GOD who rejects HIS children, you say. MY
Word explains this clearly. Salvation is through a relationship with
ME and MY blood covers you. There is no other way to the

Count the minutes ticking away: like mist through your fingers. You
are wasting precious time on pursuits that don’t matter. Your idol
worship will not save you. Release your grip from death. Continue in
this way and you will surely die without ME and I am mankind’s only
hope despite what the enemy may whisper in your ear. If you
cohabitate with the enemy in your thinking and schemes, you will lie
down with death and I cannot help you.

You say, “HE rambles on with these empty warnings, I do not see
it.” Open your eyes, you lost generation. You are caught up in the
world and cannot recognize truth. The world calls, invites, appears
so normal. It deals in death. It is a snare; a trap awaiting to take you
under. So many have already fallen in her eternal trap: never to be
seen again. So many more will fall into the eternal trap of outer
darkness and hell. There are many paths to lies and only one
narrow way to truth. I AM THE WAY.


You are about to miss glory everlasting traded in for a fallen world.
Wake up O’ earth! Grab for MY hand. See the piercing. This is what
GOD did. I stepped down from MY Kingdom and died a horrible
death because I did not want to lose you for eternity. Why do you
refuse ME? If you are not watching, you will miss it. MY faithful who
watch will be taken. This is your LORD speaking. Consider these
words carefully.

I, JESUS have spoken.

Letter dictated to “Mary of Texas” by JESUS. November 16, 2010.
The enemy is blaspheming MY Name. This is why you have heard,
“You have been tried and found guilty of treason by the Most High
God.” There is no time to delay. Take up your cross and Follow ME,
Yeshua. All your sins are forgiven you. When a thought comes to
mind, evaluate it, discern it, check it with your soul. Take out the
trash – remember it no more. I know you are deeply hurting about
these thoughts and it’s MY purpose that you experience this. I am
making you a soldier and teaching you MY armor. You are in the
army of the Most High God. All of MY people are in MY army. Now
you must fight.

The evil one is strong and wants to destroy MY Kingdom. MY
soldiers are ready for battle. Wait for the battle cry. I will send you
out. You will know what to do. No harm will come to you. Shout for
MY people. Get their attention. Offer MY Word as your sword. MY
breastplate of righteousness will keep you standing. Your shield of
faith is strong. Your belt of truth takes pleasure in exposing other’s
wrong doing. Stop doing that. That is not what it’s for. Stand yourself
for truth. Work on your own words, kindness. These are MY words.
Your helmet is lop-sided and confused. I AM straightening it. This
will gird your mind and ease your soul of unwanted despair. Guard
your eyes and ears in this dark world. Take “cover” in MY Word.
MY hope is yours. MY salvation is yours. Take cover. Take out the
trash and take cover. I AM trying to tell you once and for all that you
are Mine, that you are to be a soldier. This is a battle we are in. I AM
your commander. You listen well or you would not be writing this
down. Your boots are worn out. I will restore them. You have been
in battle without full protection. This is why you suffer. You are
awake now in this battle. Your eyes and ears now tell you the truth.
Feelings are without reproach. Take them. Use them lightly. don’t
disregard them, but don’t use them all.

Now walk in MY spirit. This armor is not heavy as metal is heavy.
This armor is light – like MY yoke is light and not a heavy burden. I
AM working. I AM the One giving the orders while you are ready for
battle in MY spirit – or you are not going to hear MY orders because
the dark world is very LOUD. All MY people line up now! Hold your
shields tightly. Make your swords ready. Hold on. Gird your thoughts
and stand firm. Tighten your belt. Be in your breastplate at all times.
MY shout is at the door. I AM waiting for MY Father’s hand. I keep
His commands. The retrieval time is here. Gird up! Stand and wait
with ME. You have nothing to fear. All is well.

MY Kingdom is ready for you now. All the rooms are complete. I
have made beautiful rooms for MY beautiful Bride. She is worth it.
Joy comes in the morning. In MY Kingdom – joy IS – and IS forever.

Oh how I love MY Bride!

Get ready to depart. I need you to be ready now. Don’t delay.
Detach from the sights and sounds of the dark world and be ready
at all times. Stand and be ready. Yes, look up. I see you. I see MY
Bride waiting, yearning, even despairing. I am ready to take you into
MY arms, into MY Kingdom. We will live together forever. All of MY
words are true. I love you. MY love is deep. MY love is everlasting.
MY love wants you. MY love sees you and nurtures you. MY love is
everlasting. It does not waiver. It cannot waiver. It doesn’t know
how. MY love IS, and is forever.

Overwhelmed children follow me. I have rest for you. Let me nourish
you. Don’t turn from ME in your tears. I am holding you and you will
make it. I know all of your tears. I know all of your turns while you
search. But, I am with you. Just turn to ME. I am here. Gird up.
Breathe deep. Gird up and stand. Now compose yourself in MY
Spirit, MY direction. We will all be together soon. The world is Mine.
The Universe is Mine. Everything that IS – is Mine.

You have made the right choice to follow ME. The world will burn
and bleed and cry and scream. It will be strong horror. Many will
suffer. Many will fall.

Keep writing. All MY territories you see will be destroyed, looking at
maps inside MY Bible. All of that is Mine and will be restored,
looking at Israel. It will be beautiful – no longer desolate – no longer
barren. All will be taken and restored. All will know MY Name. The
battle is Mine. I know who is in it. Some of MY people will suffer. I
know this full well as I wait for MY Father’s hand.

There is little time left before it all becomes dark. Woe is this time. I
am serious about MY instructions to MY people – who aren’t
listening. They will be caught by surprise – as by a thief. The roof’s
of your houses won’t save you. Many will perish in fear. This is a
time of woe, intense woe. All MY words are true and absolute.
These people who will not turn but remain in the stubbornness of
their hearts will melt like wax as they burn. MY warning is strong.

You must share this. Even if it only saves and warns a few, it would
be better than if no one hears it and is not warned. Woe is this time!
The manner in which they refer to ME, is detestable and it must stop
and it will. Their houses are covered with hyssop and barley and will
burn with a mighty burn.

I am the Most High God. Even their children are detestable to ME. I
AM angry about this. They have no reason to live any longer and I
want them out of MY sight! These are harsh, but true words. Their
rejection of ME runs deep for many generations. I will cause them
great fear and they will still reject ME. Because I know this, I will
blow MY fire on them as a torch as they are an abomination to ME.

I am a jealous God. I know whom I have created. Man’s armor will
do them NO good. They are like toy soldiers – these unbelievers,
these apostates that pretend, on purpose, to know ME and are
using ME as a device for the enemy. I will not stand for such
trickery. This battle is not finished. I call all MY soldiers to battle.
Stay girded. I will pull you out of the trenches before the great
explosion. You will be with ME long before the earth and the ones
left behind start total destruction and annihilating themselves. This is
the final war. Gird yourself and be ever ready. When you hear MY
command – look up- then leave ALL behind.

End of His words. November 16, 2010.

I had to look up the word reproach, referring to feelings, to see why
they would be “without” reproach. I’ve always been told not to trust
feelings, however, He tells me they are without disappointment.
“now” being the operative word in this case,
I looked up hyssop and barley. I’m not an herb person really, but it
said barley was used in beer and hyssop was referred to as a “holy”
herb and used to brush the blood of the lamb on doorposts during
Passover. MY impression is that these people have offensive items
as well as holy items, mixed up or lukewarm, not serious about Him,
in their households.

Overall, MY impression while writing was that He wants us ready as
an army would be ready to obey any command while we wait for His
return, and is about to happen – that many are getting weak and
becoming vulnerable to attack, which is the need for our “armor.”

NOTICE: You are encouraged to distribute copies of this document
through any means, electronic or in printed form. You may post this
material, in whole or in part, on your website or anywhere else. But
we do request that you include this notice so others may know they
can copy and distribute as well. This book is available as a free
ebook and mp3 at the website: http://end-times-prophecy.com
© 2011 by Susan Davis and Sabrina De Muynck


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