“If you do, give ME everything, you will receive everything”

Again the LORD tells about His plan to come back for the
bride, evil of the enemy and the unpreparedness of the

September 26th, 2010.

The 1st message here is from the LORD and was received by
Sabrina, of Belgium, in regards to the letter, below, that I, Susan of
the U.S. received from the LORD and HIS response given to her as
to whether I should put MY letter out to people. I also want to add
here that Sabrina’s primary language is not English and she has to
translate her messages spoken to her by the LORD into English
many times and so it is her secondary language and that makes it
sound a little different. But I have gotten used to the difference in
her translation to MY language.

The Lord tells me, Sabrina, to send this Word through also, Susan,
and not to doubt or delay, please correct if you see any type faults. I
have just typed this out as He spoke to me when I wanted to answer
you, I have nothing to add . Jesus is so sad.

The LORD’s Words as given to Sabrina regarding 5 the
message/letter below that I, Susan, received today:

“I am giving these letters because I want them sent out. You are
hearing MY Voice, write it down. I am not a God of confusion. When
I tell something, I will perform it. Therefore, do not take this word
very lightly, as if they mean nothing to you or because you think you
know it all. You know nothing, I am the Father of all truth, I am
Jesus, Your saving Master who reigns on earth and in heaven for all
eternity. Don’t play games, MY love is too strong for you to play
games. Therefore I gave you all a free choice. But the prize will be
so great if you choose eternal life with ME. Don’t be fooling around
any longer, the time is short and many are NOT ready for MY return.
I am a God of patience indeed, but also of wrath and the choice you
make, has its consequences.

Please I beg you, choose wisely. The prize is too big to be lost, to
be thrown away. I have many special surprises for all MY children
waiting in heaven, they will be so delighted. But I want ALL of you, I
want your soul, your heart, your mind, your body, your spirit, I want
EVERYTHING. If you do, give ME everything, you will receive
everything. If you give ME only a part of yourself, you will lose
everything and suffer greatly for eternity. Take this Word very
seriously, many of you do not know yet how to live a life completely
separated for ME. Did I not suffer enough for you at the cross, so
you can play around with your salvation? I am telling you, MY
people, please listen to MY Voice, I suffered greatly, more than
anyone of you can ever know, but know also, the prize for refusing
MY eternal offer of salvation will be horrible. I loved you at Golgotha,
I still love you now. I will love you for eternity. Please, I beg you,
choose wisely! Do not play around, time is up. MY grace is forever,
but time is up. This is your Lord God Jehovah speaking from
heaven. Wake up earth!”

I, Sabrina tell the Lord He sounds so severe, He tells me this:
“MY heart is broken because many, very many will be left behind.”
Oh the love of our Lord, the Lord is crying people, literally crying and
so am I. Please I beg you too, He suffered so greatly, choose wisely
as He said, give Him your all, get down on your face and cry out and
weep before His Face, this is not a game! Yours, Sabrina.
Now the Letter I, Susan, received from the LORD confirmed by
Sabrina to get it out to the people:

Letter 19. Saturday, September 25, 2010.

Write it down Susan. These are MY words for you. Thank you for
coming to write.

Soon I will be approaching earth to remove the bride. It is coming
soon. The people disbelieve just as I predicted so many years
before. This generation disbelieves. I am sad for them. They are a
disbelieving generation. They will know the truth soon. All is closing.

This time is closing. The hour is closing. MY patience is closing. The
clock is winding down.

These are MY words. Write them down.

This world is hopeless without ME. There is no hope for them if they
do not turn to ME, cling to me.

They seek and search for answers everywhere, but to ME. I am
God, I have all the answers. I can solve their problems. I can save
them. They refuse to follow ME.

These are MY words. I am a strong God. I am strong for MY people.
Tell them to look to ME. I will care for them. They seek answers
everywhere but from ME. They are a lost generation looking for
answers everywhere but the Source of life.

These are MY words. Write it down. Peace is MY moniker. I am
peace. I can save the people. If they just turn to ME, let ME be their
Savior. I will save them. There is no help for them anywhere else.
Why do they look elsewhere for solutions that can only be found in
ME? They need to run to ME now. Now is the time.

I am pleading with them, but it falls on deaf ears. It falls on blind
eyes. They are not paying attention. Soon they will be blind sided
and they will wonder what hit them. They will be left locked out. The
door will be closed to them and it cannot be opened again. They will
have to come to ME the hard way and it will be tremendously

The enemy is wicked and he spares no expense in his desire to
destroy and kill. He will lash out at the Christians left, those who
have been lukewarm and they will die at his hand. Their torment will
be great. They will face the worst. This is not MY intent that they
should go through this and suffer so. But I am a patient God and I
am warning them now, turn, repent, surrender all to ME now and be

The hour is approaching quickly and there is very little time left to
make things right. I cannot continue to hold back what must happen.
The plans are laid out. I am true to MY words. I will come to get MY
people. Those left will see how bad it will be when MY bride is
removed. You cannot see it now because you are caught up in the
cares of this world, but I cannot hold back forever. The plan is put in
place, I am God and I will see it through.

The time is dwindling away. You have precious little time left. You
must decide. Surrender to ME or face the worst. What is your
choice? These days are running out. We are coming down to the
end of life as you know it. The world is evil but it is not as evil as it
will be when I pull away MY hand of protection.

MY church is asleep, she sleeps, but MY bride is alert. She is
awake. She sees the hour. She knows her place. She is awake and
ready. She will be moved to glory and fly into the skies just as MY
word promises. The enemy wants you to think this is all a fantasy.
He is a liar, he is the father of lies. He comes to kill and steal. He is
arrogant and ruthless.

The people are deceived. They must wake up. They must open their
eyes. They are being deceived. The deception is everywhere. The
time is short. Soon nothing will be the same for those taken and for
those left: horror for those left; splendor for those taken.
I am a God of great love and patience, but I am ready to receive MY
bride unto Myself and she is ready to be received. All is ready. The
world needs to take heed. I am a God of great patience, but I am
coming and the time is short.

Write it down. These are MY words. I am careful with MY words. Did
I not say I was coming back to receive MY bride? I will do what I
say. Don’t doubt.

You do not believe, but MY word is true. The hour is at hand. All is
ready. The plans are in place. Men cannot stop these plans. I am
God. I will fulfill MY destiny to retrieve MY beautiful bride. She is the
one who waits on ME. She is the one who longs for ME. She
desires to be with ME. She puts no other gods before ME. She is
the one I died for. I died for all, but MY bride receives ME without
hesitation. She waits and watches. I know her and MY bride knows
and loves ME. She obeys ME. She adores ME and I adore her. MY
bride is surrendered and follows ME. She knows that I have
answers. All others will be left.

Be part of MY wedding party and come to live with ME. Soon I am
leaving with MY bride. You can be among these I take with ME.
Why choose death and destruction? Come to your senses and live
or be blinded and die. I am holding out MY hand for just a little bit
longer. But don’t think it will be forever.

Soon all will be dark and I must pull away MY hand and depart with
MY bride. Choose now, the hour is waning. You have precious little
time left. This is your Lord and Master Jesus speaking.

Some info about seeking & finding GOD:

A very encouraging helpful website for seeking GOD:

Previous letters from the LORD can be found at this link:

God bless and thank you to our webmaster who has also received
confirmations from the LORD for our messages and wholeheartedly
supports our efforts, God bless Cindy, God loves you!

Thank you and God bless to all the wonderful emails and messages
we have received from around the world, your support and prayers
are absolutely appreciated and needed. The enemy has challenged
our lives because we choose to be obedient to our LORD JESUS,
but we are in good company with those who go before us. Keep
praying for Sabrina’s healing. She is one of the kindest people I
know and would not hurt a fly. God bless and pass the WORD on to
seek JESUS right now as your undisputed LORD and Master!

NOTICE: You are encouraged to distribute copies of this document
through any means, electronic or in printed form. You may post this
material, in whole or in part, on your website or anywhere else. But
we do request that you include this notice so others may know they
can copy and distribute as well. This book is available as a free
ebook and mp3 at the website: http://end-times-prophecy.com
© 2011 by Susan Davis and Sabrina De Muynck


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