“If you want to be with ME in MY Holy Home in Heaven, you must count the cost in this life.”

In this letter once again JESUS says that if you are
making plans apart from HIS plans you are going to miss
HIM when HE returns. He addresses how focus off of HIM
will leave you behind to face the worst. This letter is about
making choices and the consequences of the choices we

December 20th, 2010.

Below it is a letter from the LORD as told to Susan for you. We have
included this time also words given to a good friend of ours,
Edmond Ergut, by the LORD, below this letter. God bless you

I asked for a Scripture to go with this letter below and amazingly the
LORD gave me Joshua 3:16 and this is what I discovered:
Joshua 3:16 . That the waters which came down from above stood
and rose up upon an heap very far from the city Adam, that is
beside Zaretan: and those that came down toward the sea of the
plain, even the salt sea, failed, and were cut off: and the people
passed over right against Jericho.

Interesting the LORD chose a “rescue mission scenario” from the
Old Testament for this letter below. One writer likens the Joshua
3:16 Scripture to a kind of rapture describing it this way:
Joshua, Jesus, led Israel, man child, over Jordan to the Promised
Land, heaven. The Israelites entered the Promised Land without
being touched by the waters of Jordan, death, and then the waters
returned and all those entering the Promised Land after them would
have to ford the river.

Letter 55. December 18-19, 2010.
Yes Susan I have words. Copy this down.

I want to tell you about this new phase the world is going into. The
world is approaching a time of evil that is unrivaled by any other
time known to mankind. The people slumber, they are snoozing.
The world is falling into complete disaster while the world around
sleeps. Leaders have no idea how to cope. They see it coming, but
they keep their thoughts silent while their people are dying from not
having the truth. I am sad for their loss.

The day is closing in and the people will be amazed at the nearness
of MY coming. I am very near. MY people who are watching now,
MY sheep hear MY voice. They know I am close. They see the
signs. They are watching. These are the children who will be taken.
If you are not watching, your lamp is not full. You will be left to face
the worst. I cannot save you if you cannot be interested enough to
watch for MY coming.

I am looking for those who are anxiously awaiting MY return. If the
cares of this world captivate you so and you cannot see the signs of
MY coming and watch for ME even, I cannot bring you out to safety.
I have made MYSELF clear in MY Book to watch for MY coming
and to be vigilant in being ready when the signs that have been
foretold unfold before you. The hour is now. You are either not
watching or you see it, but want to deny what is happening around
you. You think if you can deny what you see then perhaps this will
all go away. You watch all the people around you who are also not
watching or not caring and you follow suit. You are looking in the
wrong direction for your salvation. Your family, friends, neighbors
cannot save you. I am your only SAVIOR. Keep your eyes fixed on

How can you keep your eyes fixed on ME when you are caught up
in all your worldly planning and programs? I am not in your
thoughts. You are going to miss it. I am your safe passage. If you do
not find ME in your daily activities. if I do not come up in your mind,
you will not know what is coming and the future will blindside you as
the unexpected is about to happen.

MY people will know and not be surprised because I am close and
they are watching. They are ready and so their escape is assured. I
am that narrow escape. I am the WAY, I am the TRUTH, I am the
LIFE. I am pulling MY people out of the line of fire very soon and
taking them to safe keeping while the world sinks to an all-time low
and the enemy takes over the planet. Avoid disaster MY people. I
am your SAVIOR, RESCUER. I will keep you safe.

You do not have to go this alone. I will bring you into MY safe
secure arms, cover you with MY loving wings and we will fly away to
everlasting safety. I am the RESCUER. I am the One who will bring
the salvation. I will bring you to MY home and put you in a secure
eternal place.

Choose for ME and avoid pain and suffering. I long to rescue and
keep you safe. I have a beautiful life planned for you. You cannot
comprehend it. It is great spectacular beauty. This vocabulary lacks
the words to describe your home. MY FATHER waits to greet the
bride and the banquet is prepared, a large banquet set and ready
for your presence. I have brought together a magnificent offering of
food and place settings for MY children and to share together at this
lovely table. We will celebrate our marriage and our everlasting life
together. It will be the greatest celebration ever held.

Susan, yes I have words.

Tomorrow is coming fast.

MY world is one of everlasting untold beauty. Marvelous and lovely
is the world I have prepared for those who truly love and seek ME in
this world. MY sheep, this is not your world. You are made for
another life, a better eternal life. I am coming soon to put you in safe
keeping apart from the evil of this world. You must wash yourself
clean in MY Blood and through MY Word in MY Book. Surrender
and turn your life over to ME. Repent of your sins. I am waiting MY
people, MY sheep, the hour is closing in.

Very soon, I am coming to get the people. I will bring them out. I
have planned this for a very long time and the hour is approaching. I
am coming to that point and I will snatch the people out of the grasp
of MY enemy. I know who is coming.

You must choose. The choice is yours. I cannot do this choosing for
you. I am clear about the choices. I have made it very clear. The
masses will refuse MY offer of escape. They will remain to face an
evil that is beyond anything man has witnessed or encountered
before. I want MY people to avoid the terror coming, but they cannot
imagine how bad it will be. The suffering will be immense for the
ones who choose against MY enemy. He will punish those who
choose against him and the choosing for ME will be a difficult one.
Now is the time to choose for ME. Come to ME now and be part of
MY bride and I will make you ready to be received into MY beautiful
Kingdom. If you choose for ME after I remove MY bride your
choices will be most difficult. The world will go on, but if you want to
choose for ME you won’t be able to join back into the world. The
alternative will be suffering and death. It will be hard to face. If you
join in the world system, you will see eternal suffering. Many will
lose their lives after I come for MY bride.

I am coming for a pure bride. One who loves ME before anything
else, above all others, above all things. I am sorry, but these are MY
stipulations. I have made this clear in MY Word, MY Holy Word. I do
not deviate from MY Word. MY Word is clear and uncomplicated.
Love ME above all else. I did not create you to put ME in second or
third position in your heart. If you believe this, you are mistaken.
You have heard this from someone other than ME. I am a jealous
GOD. I do not create MY people to follow after other gods, other
lowly, worthless gods.

If you want to be with ME in MY Holy Home in Heaven, you must
count the cost in this life. You must evaluate your position and
decide for yourself what direction you want to move in. You either
come with ME and understand that I, GOD want nothing but first
place in your heart or choose to put ME in an inferior place in your
heart and I will allow you to live out the consequences of your
choice for eternity and without a loving, divine GOD. It will be a
bleak eternity. You decide.

You put all your life interests before ME your GOD. You spend no
time communing with your GOD. I long for relationship with you. I
long to share conversations with you, to hear your heartfelt words
toward ME, your GOD. I am remote to you. You seek ME when you
are in dire circumstances. Suddenly you remember MY Name and
call out to ME. After your crisis is over, I go to the bottom shelf of
your heart. You remember ME not, as if I don’t exist. Why do you
suppose I will want you in MY eternal home when you have no
regard for ME at all? I will spit you out. What, this shocks you? Read
MY Word. Your love for ME is lukewarm and when you come to ME
in the next hour, if you do not embrace ME now, I will not know you
or acknowledge you to MY FATHER and HIS Holy Angels.

What has MY sacrifice at Calvary meant to you? Do you not care
what I, GOD did to save you from eternal hell? I, GOD, I, JESUS
was humbled in a violent way to bring you life eternal and you reject
MY work on the cross to save you. I do not take this rejection lightly.
This is a serious matter. Your lack of regard for MY sacrifice is
belittling of MY Holy Name and MY Work on the cross. I endured
evil men to save all men, but I will not force this salvation. I only
make it available to all who want it. If you do not care for MY
sacrifice, MY ransom than you can reject ME, but know this. MY
FATHER will reject you. You will stand before MY FATHER and HE
will not accept your explanation for this sinful way you have led your
life and you will receive eternal punishment. You will have nothing to
say apart from MY sacrifice. There is no atonement for your evil
works. You will be sent to hell for the evil you have done against a

Accept MY free gift of salvation. Surrender all and repent to your
GOD and live.

Your time is running out. You have moments left on the clock.
Choose salvation through ME or lose your life to the enemy who is


“I am the Son of the Living God, and no man comes to the Father
but through me, and all those who reject me, Jesus Christ, they are
condemned! There is no way out for them! Their sin is that they
reject me, they reject me, the Son of God, they deny me, and those
who deny me I shall deny to the Father.

They deny MY crucifixion. They deny that I died for their sins and
that they can live with me in paradise as long as they come to me
and believe in me. They deny that I can give them everlasting life;
they deny me, this is their sin, that they deny the Living God, the
Son of the Living God, and that they are wicked, they choose evil,
and they choose wickedness.

This is their sin, they deny the Living God. They deny the Son of the
Living God. They deny Jesus Christ, for I am all truth, I am all
righteousness, and without me there is no way, they shall perish,
this is the truth, that if they come to me, the Son of the Living God, I
shall give them everlasting life.

It is me that shall save them, I am the Savior of the world, I am the
Redeemer, I am Everlasting Life, I am green pastures, I am
everlasting, and I shall give them everlasting waters so that they will
never thirst and they shall never hunger.

For MY Father so loved the world that He sent me on earth to walk
the earth and to set sinners free, to set the down trodden free, to
give sight to the blind, to heal the wounded, to heal the sick, to set
free the captive.

I came to save sinners; I came to save sinners from the fires of
everlasting hell; I came to set them free; I came to give them
everlasting life; that they might have life abundantly, that they may
live with me and MY Father in MY Father’s mansion. I came for all.
And for those who accept me and for those who serve me, they
shall be given abundantly; they shall be treated as sons of God and
kings of heaven!

But for those who reject me, for those who reject the Son who the
Father has sent, there is only fire left. For I came, for I came to save
them out of the pit, for I came to save them, for I came for them that
they may live with me.

But if they reject me, if they reject me, woe! For I only can send
them to hell. For that is all that is left for them, for that is all that MY
Father has left for them. He has done all that He can. He has sent
them His only Son, to serve, to serve them, to save them, to bring
them to the truth, to bring them to the life, but they would rather
choose darkness.

I am the light, I am the way, I am the truth! No man comes to the
Father but through me. I am the Son of God and only through me
can they see the Father; I am the Son of god, I lay down MY life for
them, and if they reject me there is no other way; I am the way, I am
the truth, I am the light; MY Father sent me to save the world, and
those who receive me I will receive, I will accept, I will tell of them to
MY Father, and they shall be in heaven with me and they shall be in
paradise, their name shall be written in the Book of Life and they
shall have everlasting life.

But those who reject me there is no way but hell, there is no other
way, for I am the way, I am the truth, I am the light; I was sent to
save sinners, I was sent to save them.”


“MY people are estranged, they have left me; I ask you to share MY
burden, for I am grieved and I am heavy hearted, and the time is
come, the time is come for me to bring forth MY judgment for they
have not turned their heads towards me.”

“Religion today is like leprosy; the people are indwelling in this false
religion. It is like a leprosy that has grown on them and is ready to
kill them and break them; and they are dying, they are dying and
they do not know it. They are in the pit and they do not know it, they
are blind and they do not know it. Religion is killing them, it is
suffocating them and it has blinded them to the truth, the truth of MY
Word and of MY vision for them.”

“The institutions of righteousness are corrupt, full of extortion, full of
filth, full of strife.”

“For MY axe is laid bare to every tree that bears not fruit; it shall be
hewn down and cast into the fire; not one of those will be left for
they bear not fruit, for they shine forth not MY light, they are but a
hindrance. They shall be hewn and cast down to make way for
those who bear fruit and who shine forth MY light; who bear fruit and
water and feed the rest, those they shall make a way for. The rest
shall be cut down for they are wicked and they thrive on their own
juice that that juice will kill them.”

“From the most grievous sinner to the most righteous of God’s
children, I have all given them a chance, I have all at one point
called them; I have called them and asked them to come out and to
serve me.”

“I have called them; I have searched each one’s heart and I have
called them, from the most grievous, from the most terrible sinner, to
the most righteous.”

“But I tell you! I have gone to each one of them. I have searched
each one of their hearts and they have known that I have called
them and I have tried to woo them to me and talk to them. But yet
they turn not to me, yet they turn not to me.”

“I have given them a chance; I died on the cross for all sinners, I
died on the cross for all without respect of persons, that all may be
saved, that not one should be perished except the one that betrayed

“They reject all that I have for them, so they shall see MY judgment!
For now they shall see what I have in store for them! For they chose
the world, they chose the world!”

“I came for them all, without respect of persons I died on the cross; I
bled for them! I bled and I died and I was crucified for them; and
they know this! And they know this in their heart that I came to save
them from the evil one, but yet they turn away, because they look at
this world and they are choked by the cares of this world.”
“Woe be unto them! For I came to them just as I came unto you. I
pleaded and I wooed them; I asked them to turn their hearts, I asked
them to turn their face, that I would take care of their problems, that
I would take care of their anguish and their grief and their troubles.”


Oh Zion, Zion, do not let your faith wander and be overshadowed by
your own desires. For Zion is MY body, MY Church, MY Spirit. It is I,
your Lord Jesus, who has reached out and touched every heart and
every soul that enters through your doors of fellowship. For I have a
special purpose and task awaiting all those who will stand firm and
believe this message. It is not MY pleasure that you build walls,
rules, and doctrine, other than what is written. I know each and
every heart that bears MY name and longs for MY coming. Won’t
you open your spiritual ears and spiritual eyes to see and hear of
what a mighty thing I am about to do? I want you to trust, fully, in
me, for you look at the sky and predict tomorrow’s weather and you
table the tides, but you won’t look at the warnings of the changing
times. There is a cloud of judgment hanging over the United States,
and, in fact, hovering over California. In January 1980, the very
ground you dwell on shook by MY hand. Then in May 1980, to your
far north, a mountain exploded and the ground shook all about.
Then in June 1980, to the direct east of you, the earth shook the
strong high mountains of the Sierras. Within weeks, your southern
borders shook. And then, centered off the West Coast, the earth
and seas were shaken. Why are you sleeping Zion?

Can you not see MY anger? Can you not see all about you the
rebellious masses eagerly worshipping all their man-made idols?
Sex-sin is rampant; lust for power and self-righteousness are the
talk of the times. Above every nation of all history, America has
been blessed. But in the last 30 years she has walked away from
MY covenant. Even the most wicked generation of Israel was not as
evil as yours. Sodom and Gomorrah were small compared to the
evil ways of this Nation. Awaken to MY calling Zion, lest I find you
sleeping, not guarding what little faith you have. Catch hold! For in
less than two minutes of time the riches and man, made idols will be
swept away.

Wake up, Zion, for the Glory of God is at hand. Listen carefully,
open your hearts, plant your feet firmly where you stand. For I, your
Lord, am going to shake MY Church and scatter MY flocks and
those with faith will hear your singing and your worship and know I
am with you. Yes, you, Zion will be MY guide to MY lost sheep; you
will be the compassion of MY Spirit; you will be the rallying point
after disaster strikes. Yes, I will be with you and lead you, and the
weak of heart, the broken spirits, the torn flesh, and even the dead
will hear your voices lifted up to me, and MY healing power, signs
and wonders will abound to lead them back to me.

There will be no dwelling large enough to hold all the repentant
hearts and, in fact, the green fields surrounding your place of
worship on Zion’s hill will be amassed with souls bearing MY name.
Lay hold of your faith, Zion, for as surely as you hear this Prophesy,
all of this and much more is about to happen. Do not move from
where you are, but rather pray for the strength of MY spirit: pray for
your roots to be deeply immersed in MY word; prepare for the work I
have for you. Know this, since MY ministry began, I have not come
seeking the righteous but rather the lost, those living in darkness;
yes, those even now seeking for someone to tell them the truth. But,
MY church bodies, selfishly, have turned inward to themselves and I
must pull them down and scatter the flocks for they are full of
thistles and thorns not fit for MY high purpose. Lay hold, Zion, lest
this happens to you. Cast away your bolted doors; prepare to move
into the open fields on Zion’s hill. For even the building you are
dwelling in will be gone. I tell you this, even if just two of MY beloved
remain faithful to this Prophesy, I will unfold all of this around them,
for MY will be done.

The very Glory of God is and always has been the repentant heart,
those seeking the truth and salvation, and entering in. MY ministry is
the whole world and you who have faith are to gather the harvest of
MY hand. All the promises of MY written word are available to you
who believe. In that time, when Zion gathers, and the weather is
foul, just a mighty shout of praise, in MY name, will part the clouds,
stop the winds and gales, and MY light will burst forth and
abundantly refresh you; and when you hunger, the bread of life will
feed your souls, and your faith and worship shall glorify the Living

MY servant, who now gives this Prophesy to you, is anointed by MY
hand and Spirit to warn all the churches and Christian meeting
places round, about. He will be abused, scoffed at, and ridiculed by
those claiming to be mine, but MY Holy Spirit will precede him, and
MY signs and wonders will follow him. I always warn MY people!
Anoint him with oil, Zion, any of you who believe, and swiftly send
him on his way. For before he can finish his task, all of what he has
told you, this day, will come to pass. Amen. Behold, I come quickly,
Amen. Yes, I come quickly, Amen.


“The children of God shall be united under one Spirit, the Spirit of
truth, the Holy Spirit. The Spirit that reveals all truth from the throne
of God, the Spirit that reveals the beginning from the end, the end
from the beginning; this is MY Spirit, the Holy Spirit, it will unite all
the true children of God.”

“There will be many who are hungry for the Word of God. There will
be many who are hungry for the truth. There will be many who will
come to the truth, and there will be many who will come to hear you
preach the Word of God in all its purity; they are hungry for the truth;
they are hungry for their God; and they will come to the light.”
“They must become warriors for Christ; they must proclaim the
name of God; the light must shine forth, and the Word of God must
be proclaimed.”

“The truth must go forth, the light must shine; the Word of God must
be proclaimed; the evil spirits must be smashed; the saints must
come out of their caves.”

“I say, go forth! Go forth and be a light! Show them! Show them that
they can be healed, if they but come to MY throne, if they but shed
this falseness, the lies, the hypocrisy. Just come to MY throne and I
shall heal them and they shall be with me and we shall live in MY
Father’s mansion as one, as one family.”

“Only those that turn to me, and realize that I am supreme, and that
only in me is there true reality, and that this world is not reality, that
this world is just a stage; only those who turn to me and see me as
their only hope, as their only salvation, as their true reality, them I
shall pluck from this earth and they shall be with me in paradise.”
“I came that all may know me; I came that all may have the
knowledge that you have; I came for all that I should reveal wisdom
to all.”

You will be MY light. You will be MY beacon. You will be the light in
the world in these latter days. And you will show them that the Holy
God is pure without blemish or spot, and that He wants them to be
pure without blemish or spot; that they should come to me as a pure
bride, a bride that I am proud to show to MY Father, that He will
accept and say, “Yes, they are right, bring them into MY mansion.”
“The bride will know, the bride will see that you are pure and holy; I
ask that you be holy as I am holy, perfect yourselves, cleanse
yourselves, make your paths straight, make sure that you are holy.”
“This is one of your missions, to bring about the Restoration; as they
come to you they will see the truth and they shall perfect themselves
through your word and your admonitions and your doctrine, they
shall perfect themselves with spot or without blemish.”

“And, when they hear your voice, they will know that this is the voice
of the Lord, this is the voice of their Shepherd. And MY sheep will
come, MY sheep will come out of their hiding, MY sheep will come
out of their sins, MY sheep will come out of their works, MY sheep
will come out of their vanity and frivolity and their programs!”


“MY heart is heavy, as I see all that goes on in this city MY heart is
heavy for all the sins and all the abominations and all the
wickedness and evil that I see, I cannot bear, I cannot bear! I see
sins that you don’t even know about, that you cannot even imagine,
and MY heart is weary; I ask you to look at this city the way I look at

This city is evil and wicked and MY judgment is so right for this city;
every citizen, every citizen hates God, they walk in their own ways,
they walk in their own lust, they walk in their own depravity, they are
wretched and they are naked and they are hungry and they don’t
even know it. Their face they turn towards themselves, they try to
glorify themselves, they try to adorn themselves, they try to cover
up, but I see their hearts, their heart is far from me, and MY heart is
heavy, I am very sad and I am very heavy hearted.

This city hates God and it hates me; the mention of MY name and
they turn their head and they harden their heart and their back
stiffens and they do not want to speak of me; MY name itself is like
a bad word in this city; this city hates God and this city hates me.
The sins of this city cry out to me to avenge this city with MY wrath;
this city is evil! The sins of this city are worse than Sodom and
Gomorrah! The wickedness that prevails! The wretchedness! The

This is why I have brought you to this city as a light, that you will
show this city that the Living God sees their sins and He is ready to
avenge them!

I cannot speak of their sins, I cannot speak of their wickedness and
evil; I am so heavy! I am so heavy hearted! But this city grows in
wickedness and evil every day and I am ready to lay MY hand bare!
I am ready to pierce MY sword through their hearts! So they know
that I am alive and that they are hurting me, and they are hurting
who gave them the very breath which they breath is from me, and
they turn their heads away from me, they turn their hearts away
from me!

I am grieved! I am very sad! But MY justice I will mete out with MY
wrath and MY judgment! I ask you to see this city! I ask you to see
their eyes! I ask you to see their hearts the way that I see them! I
am grieved! You must see this city the way I see it. So that when
you bring forth MY judgment you will know it comes with all justice! I
ask you to see this city the way I see it!

Raise your arm and take MY sword; you will be MY instrument to
bring forth MY vengeance, MY wrath.

This is the day, this is MY day of fury, for I am very angry with the
wicked and MY wrath shall come upon them.

When the sun shines brightest, that is your time, when the sun
shines brightest and is right over head, you shall enter the crowd
and you shall stand in their midst, you shall proclaim MY name, you
shall uplift MY standard and you shall call MY fire, you shall bring
down MY sword and they shall burn!

MY fire shall come down and burn the wicked, they shall be as
stubble; they shall burn as tares but the righteous shall stand; you
shall tread the wicked and they shall not hurt you.

The wicked shall be stamped like pulp on the ground and MY wrath
shall be manifest; the day is at hand and you shall manifest MY
wrath! The fire of the Lord shall burn bright!

As the Lord moves in with judgment and wrath, the demons shall
move out with anger and fury, and there shall be fire and there shall
be smoke and there shall be stench so strong that the righteous will
have to turn their head because the stench will be so bad; the
judgment of the Lord will fall strong upon this city.

This city is San Francisco, this “pretty”, this so-called “glorious” city
of San Francisco shall be abased, shall be abased, shall become
like cinders, they shall burn, this city shall burn, this city shall be
abased, because MY Word will cut their lies, their hypocrisy, their
sin, and their evil, shall cut them asunder, and this city will be

I have looked upon this city and it is wicked, it is wicked; and as you
go forth in the gap, and as you confront the enemy, you will tell
them, you will tell them of the coming wrath and doom that this city
will experience, you shall tell them that not one stone will be left

And they will look at you and they will think that you are mad; but
you will tell them that the Living God has said that this city will be
destroyed, not one stone will be left unturned, because I have
visited this city and I have seen no good.”

“As I have given you visions and messages of MY judgment and
wrath, so will you go forth. And so will you proclaim in graphic detail
of MY judgments, and of MY fire, and of death all over this land; and
of waters that will rise, and of the stars that will darken, and of the
wind that will rush.”

“You shall prophesy of this, and I will give you power over the
waters, I will give you power over the fire, I will give you power over
the weather, I will give you power over the wind, and you shall
prophesy of this judgment over this nation.”

“I have forsaken them now, MY wrath shall come and you shall
prophesy in graphic detail of their judgment, of their death, of their
sure doom, and of the dead that will be from one end of this nation
to the other.”

“This whole nation shall see MY fire, this whole nation shall be in
confusion, this whole nation will be under strong delusion, they will
not know, I shall shake their very roots, I shall shake their very roots
and they will not know what has happened.”

“For the fire will sweep through this nation. And there will be strong
confusion and strong delusion. And there will be panic everywhere,
there will be panic everywhere, people running to and fro, trying to
hide with no place to hide; they will jump into the sea for they will not
know where else to go; and they will drown and they will kill

“MY fire will sweep through this nation. And there shall be turmoil;
and there shall be chaos; there will be no place to hide, no place to
hide. For I will seek them out of their dark corners and I shall pull
them and I shall kill them; for those that reject me, there shall be no
place to hide, no place to hide.”

“They will look at you as a fool. They will look at you as a fool
masquerading in a fool’s paradise. For you speak of death; for you
speak of judgment; for you speak of darkness; for you speak of fire;
for you speak of MY wrath. And they, all they see is sunshine, green
trees, fair weather, and they frolic in their folly, and they have fun,
and they enjoy, and they laugh, and they drink, and they become
drunken, and they sleep.”

“For all of a sudden MY fire will come! For all of a sudden MY
judgment will come! For all of a sudden when they are asleep and
when they are drinking and when they are frolicking in their folly, MY
judgment will come! And they will know that a prophet has been
among them, for he has spoken of it, of MY judgment, and MY

These words above in bold were given to Edmond Ergut.

NOTICE: You are encouraged to distribute copies of this document
through any means, electronic or in printed form. You may post this
material, in whole or in part, on your website or anywhere else. But
we do request that you include this notice so others may know they
can copy and distribute as well. This book is available as a free
ebook and mp3 at the website: http://end-times-prophecy.com
© 2011 by Susan Davis and Sabrina De Muynck


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