“In the way you reject ME now, you will suffer for eternity, if you don’t turn your ways to ME.”

First is a letter from the LORD JESUS as dictated to
Sabrina and also a special letter to the bride of Christ
specifically from her GROOM JESUS. Below it is a letter
from the LORD as told to Susan. Below this letter is a
Section written by the evangelist and author Charles
Spurgeon about topic: “The Form of Godliness Without
the Power.”• Susan included this writing of Charles
Spurgeon since in the letter the LORD mentions this
particular phrase. Sabrina’s letter speaks of the people
rejecting the LORD for the world. In the letter to Susan,
the LORD talks of His compassion; patience with a world
that is rejecting Him, but He still wants a pure bride.

December 23rd, 2010.

First is a letter from the LORD JESUS as dictated to Sabrina and
also a special letter to the bride of Christ specifically from her
GROOM JESUS. Below it is a letter from the LORD as told to
Susan. Below this letter is a Section written by the evangelist and
author Charles Spurgeon about the topic: “The Form of Godliness
Without the Power.” I included this writing of Charles Spurgeon
since in the letter the LORD mentions this particular phrase.
God bless, we love hearing from you, kindest regards for your
prayers and love.

Letter dictated to Sabrina by the LORD JESUS on December 22,

“These are MY last pleas. I am done with this generation. I am
pleading to this lost world forever now. I am an all-consuming GOD,
a very patient GOD, but MY pleas have no effect. Only a few are
repenting and turning to ME. This is so sad. Why do you forsake
ME, MY people? Have I not suffered enough for your redemption?
In the way you reject ME now, you will suffer for eternity, if you don’t
turn your ways to ME. I died for all. I suffered for all. Yet you live as
if this never happened. ‘Oh we have one more day, than I will think
about MY ways. Let me first enjoy MY life a bit longer, let me first
take care of all MY plans in this world, then if there is any time left, I
will consider to think about MY God.’

Whose God? Don’t call me your God. I am only the GOD of MY
faithful children who seek ME in all their ways. I am done with you
world. Go and have your way. GO ! This GOD who is in the back of
your mind has created you. He has given you the very breath you
use now to read this letter, to do your daily things. Did you know
that? I have made you so perfectly beautiful, so everything fits
together nicely, so everything operates in your body in a most
wonderful way. Yet you take it all for granted. I thought it all out. I
thought about you and you were there. Everyone of MY people is an
unique creation and I had plans and ways for all of you.

You will never see the beauty of heaven I have made for you, so
you could enjoy ME for eternity. There is no greater joy then to know
your GOD in heaven. Did you know that? The love affaires of this
world are calling you, so go and enjoy your life on earth while you
still can. I have called you over and over. I see sin all over you. I
don’t see a repented, surrendered heart to ME. You are filthy, MY
people. You choose this yourself. You can be beautiful through ME,
I, JESUS who bought you freedom from this sinful bondage.

But the choice is yours. I created you with a freewill, so I cannot do
otherwise than to accept your choice. But I want you to know it
breaks MY heart. Over and over again you have broken MY heart.

And yet, you can always come to ME. I always forgive you. But don’t
play with ME. Even I have MY boundaries, although MY grace is
big. If you continue to choose this sinful, playful lifestyle, you will
give ME no other choice than to send you to hell. It’s written in MY

You can do nothing good out of yourself. Nobody can. The only
good thing comes from and through ME, as I AM love and love has
created you. This world is running to its end. So what will you do?

Will you continue and go on as every day? Thinking the sun comes
up every morning and I can enjoy MY day? Nothing major will
happen? And tonight, I will sleep well? Don’t be mistaken.

In one split of a second, this whole world will turn into a darkness
you have never experienced in your whole life. There has never
been and will never be again such a darkness on earth. Demons are
waiting to be loosed. They will have no mercy. Then, you will know I
have spoken the truth and you will remember how much I warned

The time is not over yet, but it sure is striking almost midnight. MY
finger is about to move the clock. So, what will you do? Look at
yourself and ask ME to reveal MYSELF to you. Ask ME to show you
the real you. Ask ME to come to you and fill you with MY love and
grace. I can still save you. For some it is already too late, they have
made up their mind. For some, there is still hope. I, GOD will judge
your heart. So don’t delay any longer and come to ME. There has
never been a more urgent time than this.”

I, GOD have spoken.

Hebrews 10:26-27. For if we sin willfully after that we have received
the knowledge of the truth, there remaineth no more sacrifice for
sins, But a certain fearful looking for of judgment and fiery
indignation, which shall devour the adversaries.

The Lord wanted Sabrina to write this letter for the bride in white

“This is a special message for MY bride. I have bought you with MY
blood. MY precious blood runs through your veins. I am so proud of
you MY bride. I see you are ready. MY bride will have a special
place with ME in heaven. You will never regret all the longing and
waiting for ME.

I am your BRIDEGROOM. Your BRIDEGROOM is waiting with the
same longing, MY bride. Can you just hold on a little longer? Don’t
be disappointed. You are MY light in this world. Those who truly
love ME, spread MY word. They cannot do otherwise than to speak
and testify of MY love for them. This is MY bride. I love her. I
treasure her. She was MY joy at the cross. The joy laid before ME.
MY precious bride, hold on, I am coming. I am doing a mighty work
in this world and in people’s hearts and it’s worth the waiting. You
won’t have to wait much longer now. I AM is coming. I am on MY
way. Just a few finishing touches here and there, and then you will
see ME coming in the sky. It will all happen very fast. It will be the
most glorious moment for you and ME when you enter MY Kingdom
and settle yourself at the wedding table that I have prepared with so
much care.

I have thought of every detail for you. It’s all so perfect. Can you feel
the joy and love? I can. Encourage each other and don’t give up.
MY FATHER is about to give the sign. It won’t be much longer.
Please be patient. Your rewards shall be without measure. You are
MY shining stars on earth. So keep shining! You are washed in MY
blood. You are pure and clean.

Keep yourself from this world. Distance yourself, so you won’t be
polluted. Keep MY Words, worship ME and stay close to ME. Never
stop praying for MY coming. I love to hear those prayers. They
move MY heart. Be patient. The time is almost here. I, JESUS your
BRIDEGROOM, am waiting and longing for you, so bless MY heart
and stay close to ME in this last hour.”

Hebrews 12:2. Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our
faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross,
despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne
of God.

Hebrews 12:22-24. But ye are come unto mount zion, and unto the
city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, and to an
innumerable company of angels, To the general assembly and
church of the firstborn, which are written in heaven, and to God the
Judge of all, and to the spirits of just men made perfect, And to
Jesus the mediator of the new covenant, and to the blood of
sprinkling, thats speaketh better things than that of Abel.
Hebrews 10:37-38. For yet a little while, and he that shall come will
come, and will not tarry. Now the just shall live by faith: but if any
man draw back, MY soul shall have no pleasure in him.

Letter 56. given by the LORD JESUS to Susan. December 21,

I have words.

I have a message for the world.

Soon, I will be coming to earth to get MY bride. The hour is
approaching quickly. The people remain in denial. This is not MY
plan for them, but I cannot change their hearts. They must choose
ME over the enemy. If they turn to ME and I receive permission
through their surrender to ME, I can send MY SPIRIT to them and
HE can prepare them to be ready for the escape from the evil
coming to the earth.

I am a compassionate GOD. I want to save MY people. I long to
save MY people. I want MY people to come to ME in this late hour. I
know their hearts. They cannot believe that the hour is almost up.
They cannot see what is right before them because they are not
watching. They are too captivated by the things of the world,
everything before ME, their GOD.

I am a patient GOD. I wait patiently. I see evil at every turn. The
earth has grown cold toward its GOD. What do the people expect
from ME their GOD? Do they expect endless tolerance of their evil
running amok? This evil has been building up for many years and it
is cresting to its peak. The enemy reigns in the hearts of the people
supreme. They wish to serve a different master than I, their
CREATOR. They have chosen to serve the creation: an inferior
choice to their one true GOD. I offer love and peace, security,
salvation. I offer an escape route to beauty ever-lasting.
The world is coming to a halt. All is going black, complete darkness,
a world without its MAKER, its GOD. You have seconds on the
clock. I am giving you these warnings, so that you can know and
prepare your heart for ME. I am taking only a pure bride with ME to
MY Home in heaven. If you are unprepared, I cannot remove you
from the dark world ahead.

Do you want this purity? Do you want this larger measure of oil?
You must be humble toward ME; surrender to ME; repent of your sin
to ME; lay your life down before ME. I will accept these and MY
HOLY SPIRIT will come into your life and prepare you to come with
ME, your BRIDEGROOM. I will embrace you, call you MY own, and
care for you always.

These are MY Terms. You refuse to believe MY Warnings. You
reject MY Truth. I am closing in on the hour of MY return. These are
precious moments. Open your eyes. Back away from your worldly
pursuits and love affair. You are hypnotized by evil. Your passion for
ME is lukewarm. Your passion for the world exceeds your needs for
ME. You are lost. You are gravitating to outer darkness. You are
moving away from ME. I cannot pull you back, if you never turn to

The path to ME is narrow. Why do you refuse to believe this? You
think otherwise, but this is not so. Many believe they are on the
correct path. They delude themselves. The enemy has deceived
them greatly. I am the ONE TRUE NARROW PATH. The deception
about what I expect of MY followers is great. I ask for complete
surrender, so many do not grasp this. They believe to have a form
of Godliness but deny the power thereof.

MY people if you choose to be part in the world, consumed by the
cares of the world and partially following ME, we have no
relationship at all. Halfway is no way. You are in a dangerous
position. You want ME a little when MY Presence pleases you, but
this is no relationship. I cannot take you when I come. You will miss
the narrow way, the narrow escape that is about to happen. It will
come quickly and then you will realize you missed it. The second I
remove MY children to safety will be the beginning of a new way of
life on earth. Darkness will consume and the bride will not be on

MY people, this brief moment is about to happen. In your heart you
know this, but I am sorry you refuse to believe. You knew the day
would arrive. MY Book and the signs I have given have been
described and clear to you. Think about what keeps you from
realizing this. What comes to mind first when you hear these
warnings? Is it your future plans? Is it your pursuit of worldly
possessions? Is it your ministry planning? What do you have as an
idol that is blinding your ability to see truth? Your anger rises up
when people speak of MY soon coming to you. Why? Will you be
angry when you find out you have been left behind or will you be
sad and filled with great sorrow? What causes you to be so resistant
to MY pleadings and how the signs in the world are actually
described in MY Book coming into reality?

Soon MY patience with you, MY people will be done. I cannot wait
on you MY people forever. I must remove MY bride to safety as she
waits patiently while you persist in handling the evil things of the
world and refuse to return to your first LOVE your LORD JESUS. I
am your first LOVE. I brought you into this world. I give you life
every second of the day. I preserve your life while you reject ME. I
bring the rain down for all. I bring the sunlight down for all. MY Love
is toward all peoples. But very soon I must leave those who choose
against ME to face the outcome of their choosing.
This has happened before and has been described in MY Book to
happen again. I am a GOD of light. I am completely honest to MY
people and true to MY Word. What do you need to see truth? I am
taking the remnant home who are clean and prepared for MY

The hour is closing in. The warnings are clear. The path is narrow.
MY Hand is extended. Grasp it and I will lead you out to safety. I
want to do this for you, I long to do this. MY sadness is great that
you will not come with ME, MY people.

Your BRIDEGROOM waiteth. Only seconds to go. Seek MY
beautiful Face. MY Love is pure and perfect. You will never know
anything more satisfying than ME, JESUS.

Turn to ME quickly, JESUS.

Charles Spurgeon writes about “The Form of Godliness Without the

“Having a form of godliness but denying its power.” A mere form of
godliness joined to an unholy heart is of no value to God. The swan,
although its feathers are as white as snow, yet its skin is black. God
will not accept that ‘external morality’ which conceals ‘internal
impurity’. There must be a pure heart as well as a clean life.
The power of godliness must work within, or else God will not
accept our offering. There is no value to man or to God in a religion
which is a dead form. Sad is that man’s plight who wears the name
of Christian but has never been quickened by the Holy Spirit.
There is no use in a mere formal religion. If your religion is without
spiritual life, what is the use of it? Could you ride home on a dead
horse? Would you hunt with dead dogs? Is false religion any better?
In the depth of winter, can you warm yourself before a ‘painted fire’?
Could you dine off the ‘picture of a feast’ when you are hungry?
There must be vitality and substantiality, or else the form is utterly
worthless; and worse than worthless, for it may flatter you into
deadly self conceit.

How shameful will such a fruitless, lifeless professor be in eternity,
when the secrets of all hearts shall be revealed! What shame and
everlasting contempt will await him when his falsehood shall be
detected, and his baseness shall fill all holy minds with horror!
What will be the hell of the false professor! “Having a form of
godliness but denying its power.”

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we do request that you include this notice so others may know they
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© 2011 by Susan Davis and Sabrina De Muynck


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