“There are many in hell who would pay any amount of money or do anything to undo the disaster they are facing of eternal hell”

In this letter the LORD speaks on those embarrassed by
HIM and how He was not embarrassed when He died for
them up on the cross. The next part of the letter talks
about the people being in a trance over their idols. And
how their idols won’t ultimately rescue them.

December 4th, 2010.

The letter below was told by the LORD JESUS to Susan.

We are putting out these letters, out of absolute obedience to the
LORD, to whoever will receive them. HE dictates the letters to us
and we see to it that they go out to warn the people. Many people
wonder why there are so many letters and how many more will there
be? We do not know. We are just being obedient to our LORD, well
quite honestly because we simply love and adore HIM and want to
be in HIS will for our lives. This is what HE has asked of us. As a
parent, myself, Susan, I have to imagine that you would want to do
everything in your power to warn your children of impending disaster
and you would do anything to keep them from being separated from
you for eternity. This is what I hear in the LORD’s voice, LOVE and
a longing to save HIS children before it is too late. I hear HIS great
disappointment in the way the people have rejected HIM outright.
This should make us all sad and give us a desire to share HIS heart
with our lost friends and family all around us. We are not the only
ones receiving the messages from the LORD that the hour is short
and who also see the Bible coming to life before our very eyes. It is
most encouraging to hear that people’s lives are being changed by
the LORD’s amazing Words. Praise the LORD!

Letter 47. December 2, 2010. Letter dictated by LORD JESUS to

Yes Susan, I have these Words for you.

Yes the hour is waning. I am coming soon. The people would be
amazed if they knew how close it all is. I, the LORD have spoken.
MY servants take down MY Words.

Soon the world will know I am GOD. I am saddened by the world’s
disregard for ME, their CREATOR. It is incredible the way the
people look the other way when something about ME is presented.
This hurts ME to the core. They cannot imagine the pain I
experience from their rejection. I took special care to create each
person. I select their hair color and eye color. I know each person
individually in detail. I know their characteristics. I know all about
them. I know what makes them laugh or cry. I know their goals,
dreams, sadness’, and frustrations.

I am such a remote far off GOD to them. All other things take
precedence in their lives. The people have put objects and each
other before their CREATOR. They do not even care to get to know
ME, to read MY Words. I am such a willing CREATOR to engage in
the lives of MY creation.

I wanted fellowship and to get to know MY people. I want to share in
their lives, their daily comings and goings, but they will have no part
of ME. They put ME away, out of their minds. I am nothing more to
them than a foul word. I do not exist.

Even those who call themselves Christians are distant to ME. I am
not an object of their affections. They hope MY name will not come
up in their conversations because I embarrass them. Do they know I
was not too embarrassed to hang on a cross for them? I was in front
of a maddening crowd and was disfigured before their taunting to
save MY lost people. I was not embarrassed, I was determined to
save them. This I did for MY own lost creation. I assumed the role of
the creation and I bared MY soul to MY people. They did not even
realize who I really was when they beat ME and crucified ME. I was
their GOD and their CREATOR and yet I suffered immeasurably
that day. It was humiliating and humbling, but MY Love is so great
for MY lost people. I would have done it again, but MY sacrifice is
complete and now you can come to ME and MY FATHER and be
part of our Kingdom when I come to retrieve MY bride.

I have all these wonderful things for you in store. There is a world of
beauty awaiting you, one that makes this world pale by comparison.
Soon I must leave and take MY children. You know it is close if you
are watching. You know. I cannot be swayed in this deciding hour.
MY FATHER will give the word and I will come to collect the bride.
She is ready also. I can keep her at arm’s length no longer. I am
ready for this hour.

The world has you under its spell. You think all is well. You think MY
coming is far off in the future. Who told you this? It was not ME, your
GOD. I have made MY signs clear for all to see and study. But most
don’t care to learn about such things. It is a child’s story they think: I
am greater than these old stories. I do not need this GOD. I have a
life to lead. I can run MY own show. But MY bride is ready and she
will see ME in all MY GLORY and we will rise up, join together, and
leave. The world will never be the same again as the bride will have
left the planet. This will be a sad, but true reality for those who are

I am waiting on you MY people. It will be soon. I cannot placate you
any further. The event will take place and the world will know the
truth in MY Book. Many will seek to read then. Read NOW! See
what I have for you now. All the information is there. Why must you
put yourself through this? MY Words are stronger than a two-edged
blade and these Words will stand. These are MY Words. MY people
heed them.

Susan, write it down.

The time is drawing near. I am providing MY people with an
opportunity to think through very carefully the choice they need to
make. I want them to have every opportunity to make the right
choice. The world knows who the SAVIOR is but they run still to
every made up religion that mankind can conjure up. They believe
every strange fire that blows smoke their way. They are duped by
every crazy thought that can be conceived by men and demons. It is
repugnant to ME, a foul repugnant smell. I can’t take it. MY people
worship every strange god and belief under the sun. They worship
all sorts of nonsense and throw themselves at all kinds of hairbrained
beliefs. But they refuse to pick up the one true Book that
has all the answers they could or would ever need. The creature
follows the creature about looking for answers to their lives that I
have outlined with great care if they would take time to study and
read. MY Book would prevent the people from so much hardship
and sadness. But now the hour is closing in and the time is running
out and the people need to seek ME and seek answers to make
their final escape. I offer one solution and one escape route and
now is the deciding moment. Soon the time will be up and the
people will all know that they have to face the worst and the
answers then won’t be easy. To be sure, they can pray and seek
ME, but I will have to leave them to the decisions they made in this
final hour. The fire is what the people will have to endure if they
want to come to MY Kingdom. The enemy will be a tyrant and the
people will be in shock when they discover the evil they are forced
to face.

Their lives of luxury and worry-free living will fade away. All their
wooden idols will stare back blankly and offer them no relief. If they
plan to refuse the enemy’s plan and mark, they will die. Hiding will
not be an option. There will be no where to hide. Come to ME NOW
and you can be saved from the coming madness. I had hoped you
would find ME by now, but you grope in the dark and your loss will
be devastating. I am GOD. I do not take pleasure in your rejection of
ME. I have saved you with MY blood before and I plan to save you
again by taking you out to safety. But you don’t think you need to be
saved. You can’t see the lateness of the hour. The clock is winding
down. I cannot replace the time you are losing.

Friends and dear ones, there are many in hell who would pay any
amount of money or do anything to undo the disaster they are
facing of eternal hell. Oh the regret, oh the loss, oh the shear
sadness. Nothing can pull them out of unending torment. There is
nothing that can be done. It is final. Their loss is final and eternal.
What they wouldn’t do to turn back the clock and rethink their
choices. Many have regrets about their unforgiveness and anger
toward others. Now is the time to think carefully how the very
choices and decisions you make now will decide the outcomes of
where you will be next. Will you be enjoying wedded bliss with ME in
MY Glorious Kingdom or will you be facing the worst the enemy has
to offer?

I know this seems highly unlikely to you, but if you read MY Book,
you would come to see that I am telling you the truth. And one way
or the other, your future is going to change: bright light or horrible
darkness. Please warn your families to read and to believe these
words. Soon your lack of choice will lead you to sad circumstances I
know you do not want to be in.

I am coming swiftly to retrieve MY bride. You may come. Get right
with ME NOW. I am waiting only for a short time more.

Your Messiah, JESUS.

Proverbs 29:1. He, that being often reproved hardeneth his neck,
shall suddenly be destroyed, and that without remedy.
Jeremiah 5:3. O LORD, are not thine eyes upon the truth? thou hast
stricken them, but they have not grieved; thou hast consumed them,
but they have refused to receive correction: they have made their
faces harder than a rock; they have refused to return.

NOTICE: You are encouraged to distribute copies of this document
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material, in whole or in part, on your website or anywhere else. But
we do request that you include this notice so others may know they
can copy and distribute as well. This book is available as a free
ebook and mp3 at the website: http://end-times-prophecy.com
© 2011 by Susan Davis and Sabrina De Muynck


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