“They must turn to ME and surrender everything”

In this letter the LORD talks about the darkness coming
over the earth and how little the people are paying
attention to what’s happening to them around them. The
LORD tells how HE will see His plans through no matter
whether the people are ready or not.

November 2nd, 2010.

Dear Friends in Christ,

2 Timothy 4:8 says: Now there is in store for me the crown of
righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will award to
me on that day, and not only to me, but also to all who have longed
for his appearing.

Do you long for Jesus’ appearing? Well if you do, you have a crown
of righteousness in store for you. People everywhere all the time
think it is weird to talk about the LORD’s coming as being so soon.
Well God says it is so important to “long” for Christ’s appearing that
HE awards a crown of righteousness to those who do just that. How
much more should we be “longing for His appearing” then, when the
signs given in the Bible are for right now? We are living in the last
days and this verse should be for us more than any other
generation. What does this verse mean to you?

This letter dictated by the Lord Jesus to me is very, very serious. I
encourage you to read this and pass it along.
Your friends in Christ, Susan & Sabrina.

Letter 30. October 31, 2010.

Susan write this down. I am your Lord Jesus. Susan I have a letter
to give you. Please write as I speak. Listen to what I say and write it

Susan I have much to tell. This letter will give you new information.

So listen closely as I explain.

The world is going to see a great shift in darkness now. The end is
growing closer. I am about to proceed with MY plans. The darkness
is closing in. The times are drawing to a close swiftly. All is growing

People don’t see it because they refuse to look. The hour is closing
in of MY promised delivery of truth, I am true to MY word. I will do as
I say. All will see soon.

The world thinks there is no retribution for their behavior. The world
thinks there is no consequence for turning their backs to God, a
Holy God. They are wrong. There will be a price to pay for openly
rejecting a Holy God. I am God. I will not be mocked. They mock
ME at every turn. They humiliate ME at every turn. I suffered and
died for them. I laid MY life down for them. I am a Holy God. I
cannot look upon evil. I cannot see this evil and allow it to continue.
I know the people think I do not exist and that they can carry on
however they want, but this I cannot continue to tolerate.
Everywhere you turn there is evil. The evil has taken over the land.
It runs unchecked. It has no limits. It runs unabated. It flees and it
takes control so that the people have completely lost themselves in
it. They are overtaken by it. I, God, I, Jesus have seen enough. I
cannot allow this to carry on.

The people are in the dark. The evil does not seem bad enough to
them. They die from lack of knowledge and so they cannot see for
themselves the wretchedness of their ways and those around them.
They are so consumed by evil and overtaken by it they dismiss it
and say to themselves: “Things aren’t so bad, surely God will not
come so soon. Life will go on. I can do as I please.” This world will
soon find out what it means to toy with a Holy God unchecked. I did
it before during Noah’s time and I will do it again. MY people had
better find themselves and prepare. They can come with ME to
safety or be left to face the consequences of their choices.

The people think I am playing. They think MY Book is good for
nothing. They think MY Words are empty. I, God am not to be tried.
I am not to be tempted. I am God and what I say, I will do. When I
say I will do something, I, God will do it.

Even MY people who call themselves Christians mock ME with their
disregardful attitudes toward MY Word, MY Holy Words. I have laid
out MY plans in advance to this generation so that there can be no
doubt about what I will do, so that no one will be in the dark when it
is time for ME to make MY move. I am not untruthful like the enemy
of mankind. I have been up front, open, truthful about MY plans.
The truth is plain for those who seek ME for those who read and
study MY Words. I am Truth and when I say I am doing something, I
will do it. I am a God of truth. No one rivals ME in truth. I give MY
Word and I see it through to completion.

There will never be a Truth like mine. No one carries out truth like I
do. I am a force to be reckoned with. I am a God of complete and
total follow through. When I say I will do it, I will do it. I will carry out
MY plans, make no mistake. Only a fool says there is no God.
There is precious little time left. MY people need to prepare. I am
ready to take MY flight very soon. It is coming. I am a God of utter,
impeccable, unquestionable truth. I cannot be questioned. When I
speak, I speak absolute truth. MY Word is clear for all who bother to
read it. I have laid out MY terms of what I plan to do and what I
expect from MY people. It is all set out and absolutely clear. There
is no question that now is the hour. Yet you choose to disbelieve
ME. I am your God. I would not deceive you. I gave you signs of MY
coming and you know that I have made them clear.

The people don’t believe because they choose not to. They are
enthralled with this world. They knew that there would be a time that
I would come again. They knew that I had told them that a day
would come when I would pull MY people out to safety. They refuse
to believe that it is now because they do not want to see it. “It is as it
has always been,” they say to themselves. Yet the signs I told them
to watch for are happening right before them and they refuse to see.

They refuse to believe. They are a sad, doubting, lost generation
and evil has overtaken them. They find comfort in their possessions,
in their pursuits, in their love of money, everywhere but with ME,
their Lord and Maker. Do they think they can be so utterly satisfied
with these temporal things that they can’t even hear the one calling
them to safety, to prepare for the plan I have laid out before them.
Even the Christians are woefully unprepared and they will be
shocked when they find themselves left. I am sorry for their loss, but
I have warned them and I have outlined MY plans and MY terms for
them to be saved.

They must turn to ME and surrender everything; give ME their lives;
repent of their evil and sins, and turn toward ME and I will heal them
of their infirmities, and their illnesses, and their sin sickness. I am
the only answer for mankind. There are no other answers although
they try to find them in so many ways. Their wholeness will never be
found in anyone or anything but ME, the one true God.

MY people need to lay down their lives before ME and repent. Let
go of the world. The hour is late. Release your grip from a world that
is crumbling, falling apart, and doomed to destruction. I, God can
save you for just a bit longer, then you will face the worst, a world
that is coming undone. This world will soon never be the same
again. I am crying out to you. Please listen, the time is short. I am
telling you because I love you. You have precious little time left to
prepare, to repent, to surrender. Please hear MY pleadings. I am
trying to warn you to wake up and see what is coming. I cannot
allow the dark forces to go unchecked. The world will soon know MY
wrath, MY wrath against evil gone amuck: evil that has consumed
every area of life. It is pervasive and it has consumed every part of
human existence. How can I allow this to go on? I cannot.

You think I will continue to look away and man can carry on in his
hopelessness. It cannot be. Soon the world will know that I, God, I,
Jesus will whisk MY people away to safety, who is MY loyal bride
and I will turn away to allow the world to experience MY wrath. What
happens when a Holy God releases protection over the world? This
world is harsh, but nothing like it will be without MY bride and with

MY hand of protection pulled away.

You have but a little time left. Don’t live in denial any longer. Face
the truth. Humble yourselves before a Holy God and I will open your
eyes. I will show you truth. I will show you the way to safety. I will
give you relief from the madness to come. I will bring you to a
beautiful home in the sky prepared for those who call ME their God.
This is MY truth. There is no other truth. Do not dismiss or gloss
over these words lightly. Soon you will long to hear these words and
soon the door will be shut. You will have to do the hard things to
come to ME.

I cannot change this hour. It is set. You think you have all the time in
the world. This is man’s thinking. If you humble yourself, truly
humble yourself before ME, I will lead you to God’s truth, MY truth.
Now you are in a cloud believing every fuzzy doctrine under the sun.
The enemy is wreaking havoc over the people. The people are in
cloud of delusion and cannot see that the Words in MY Book match
up with the signs of the time and MY coming is so near, even at the

Wake up O’ earth. The hour is late. The hour is at hand. I am
waiting, but not for long. You have precious little time left. Take MY
hand. It is extended out to you. But soon, I will take MY bride and
we will fly away. Join with us. It is not too late. Don’t wait too long
though, many will be left as described in Revelations. Do not be so
sure of yourself. Turn to ME now before it is too late. I, Jesus speak
truth. Come now before it is too late.

NOTICE: You are encouraged to distribute copies of this document
through any means, electronic or in printed form. You may post this
material, in whole or in part, on your website or anywhere else. But
we do request that you include this notice so others may know they
can copy and distribute as well. This book is available as a free
ebook and mp3 at the website: http://end-times-prophecy.com
© 2011 by Susan Davis and Sabrina De Muynck

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