This is a lost generation

The LORD’s Words for Today

Dear Followers of CHRIST:

In this special mailing, below is the LORD’s most recent letter and below are the video links for The LORD’s End Times Prophecy Conference: “Holiness the Requirement for the Bride of CHRIST” held this past August 15-16, 2014 in Indianapolis, IN. The speakers and their presentations can be heard on the video links below. There is also a full written transcript of Donna McDonald’s presentation about the Sacredness of the Name of GOD below the LORD’s Letter. A big “Thank You” to the LORD and everyone who helped at this year’s Conference.

Also please note that the book Bride of CHRIST: Prepare Now! was translated into Japanese thanks to the volunteer efforts of Atsumi Gustafson along with the book Marriage Supper of the LAMB. Another recent translation was the book Rapture or Tribulation converted to Spanish thanks to volunteer Alejandro Zurita. All the books are now available as FREE Ebook downloads. A special thanks to our publisher Mike Peralta for all of his help on these projects. Plus new FREE English Audio MP3 files of the Marriage Supper of the LAMB book are now available for you to download and listen to in your car or while you are on the go… All Glory to our LORD CHRIST!

Words of the LORD:
“This is a lost generation—pursuing all other things besides its GOD.”
(Words Received from Our LORD by Susan, September 6, 2014)

Daughter, Let US begin:
Children, this is your LORD speaking—I am coming to get MY bride out of this evil world—she loves ME above all else. She is clear-minded and knows the path I have set her on—the straight and narrow path. Very few want to find this path. The lost are on the broad road that leads to great loss—eternal death—hell and torment.

I am LIFE children—without ME—there is NO life. The world seeks after answers apart from ME—but I AM the ANSWER to all the ills and evils of this world. Very few seek after the right answers—the answers I am more than eager to give those who choose ME and pursue ME with all their heart and soul. This is the bride. She is watching, waiting, seeking, and finding her GOD.

I do not hide from those who pursue ME with great ferocity. I seek those who want to know ME—who really want to KNOW their MAKER. Few care to inquire of ME WHO I AM and what I am about and what it means to them. Few care to travel this path of daily seeking ME—reading MY Word, talking to ME, and exalting ME in their heart. What a sad state of affairs—for MY Own creation to reject ME and to disengage from MY Presence.

This is a lost generation—pursuing all other things besides its GOD. This generation is dying. They are steeped in evil—they wear it across their chests like a banner. They are plummeting into the depths of depravity. Most do not see the error of their ways: they are too far gone, too far into their sin to notice how ugly they have become. There is little hope for this lost generation. So many will travel the broad road to hell and align themselves with my enemy. The enemy is only too happy to drag them under. This is his delight.

Children, you were made to carry MY Light. Come and fill your oil lamps before it is too late. Come and request of ME a full oil lamp. Don’t wait too long. Filling your lamp at the time of MY arrival will be too late. I will not acknowledge you—even a half-full oil lamp will not be enough.

Do you know what a full oil lamp is? It is a full surrender—a completely empty heart crying out to be filled with MY SPIRIT—dying to self. Ready to let MY SPIRIT come in and take over, to make ME LORD and MASTER over your life. Your casual attempts to have me in your life will not fill your lamp. A partial filling will not light your way—the scales on your eyes will block your vision and keep you in the dark. You will continue to grope in the dark grasping onto all other kinds of unprofitable false teachings that will lead you astray. This is what happens when you run apart from ME—you are misled and if you don’t change your course direction and come back to the Narrow Path aided by a full oil lamp you will be lost for eternity on the broad way that leads to destruction.
You must really want this directional change for your life. It must be the desire of your heart. You must truly want it. Don’t wait too long—many will have this change of heart after the bride is removed. Then this desire will be great, but it will be too late to escape the enemy who remains behind to torment the left behind church. Turn back to ME now—escape great sorrow, the sadness of a world completely lost without its GOD. That’s what is coming.

I am waiting to receive you into the Kingdom. But, I cannot wait forever.

This is the SAVIOR of the World: MIGHTY to SAVE

Coordinating Scripture:

Matthew 7:14 (KJV): Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.

Matthew 25:8-12 (KJV): 8 And the foolish said unto the wise, Give us of your oil; for our lamps are gone out. 9 But the wise answered, saying, Not so; lest there be not enough for us and you: but go ye rather to them that sell, and buy for yourselves. 10 And while they went to buy, the bridegroom came; and they that were ready went in with him to the marriage: and the door was shut. 11 Afterward came also the other virgins, saying, Lord, Lord, open to us. 12 But he answered and said, Verily I say unto you, I know you not.
Psalm 81:12 (KJV): So I gave them up unto their own hearts’ lust: and they walked in their own counsels.

Transcript of Donna McDonald’s Presentation given at The LORD’s End Time Prophecy Conference, August 16, 2014, Indianapolis, IN—SACREDNESS OF THE NAME OF GOD (and also follow up confirmations given by Susan Davis):

I read my Bible Sunday morning August 3, 2014, upstairs as I like to do first thing when I wake up. Then I went down stairs and with my head covered and kneeling I prayed and said to the LORD, “You know my heart and you know my limitations and you know the needs of the people. Please give me a message for them.” And in tongues which I could not distinguish and with great fervor the HOLY SPIRIT took over and prayed a most energetic and egregious and exceptional prayer for you for some time. HE was emphatic. I had absolutely no idea what HE was going to say. I get excited to hear what the HOLY SPIRIT is going to give to me to speak when I go to a conference. HE normally says very beautiful and amazing and loving things. What HE is saying here is very serious and I was in shock when I heard HIM speak. Here are the Words the LORD is saying to you, all of you not only conference goers, following this appeal to HIS FATHER by the power of the HOLY SPIRIT. Here is what HE has to say to you:

MY children, this is the LORD speaking. I AM your FATHER and Friend. I AM the Best Thing that ever happened to you. When I died on the cross late in that day on the hill of Golgotha and gave up MY GHOST to MY FATHER and drew MY Last Breath I became the very Best Thing that ever happened to you. But I want to tell you one or more things and that is: the world is mocking their GOD and is making a bed of thorns to lie onto and to go down a slippery slope into the depth of hell for themselves.

The world is an enmity to ME. I have given MY Life and MY ALL to the world, my children of the world, and they stand in line to pay to have ME mocked. They do it every time they go to a movie theater with the exception of very few movies, GOD is NOT DEAD being one example. They do it most every time they open a book and most every time they turn on the TV, every billboard, every notice in the newspaper, every salutation. and explanation. Most every one of these times the people who I call MY children open their mouths and out of it comes something unholy and mocking to their GOD, ME. I can no longer tolerate this. How long would your earthly father tolerate a mouth that is mocking and disrespectful and ugly and sinful pointed towards him? How many times would your earthly mother I have given you, sit aside and watch their own sons and daughters ruin their lives? Well, I am a GOD that can tolerate none of this anymore. I have had enough. I have had it up to MY Eyebrows and MY FATHER who knows everyone’s heart is hearing it and smelling the stench in the throne room and HE has had enough. WE are your FATHER and WE are ready to give you all a good spanking. WE are ready to get out the rod and spank the world and the people in it for the disrespect that my daughter and her ears and MY Ears and MY FATHER’s Ears have had to listen to. I have given this daughter a desire for clean and wholesome and holy talk and she has been privy to all of you children who call ME by Name and call ME your FATHER but you insist on using omg and oh my gosh and golly and g–d– and the like. I have had enough of it and I am ready to get out the rod and give you all a spanking even those who call yourselves MY bride. Shame on you, children, get out the soap tonight and place it in your own mouth. Every one of you have soap in your hotel rooms and every one of you have soap in your homes. If your mouths were as antiseptic as your soaps I would not be having these conversations with you, children. I am your FATHER and I love you lest I let you fall into the pits of hell for blaspheming MY HOLY NAME and the NAME of MY HOLY FATHER WHO is in the Throne Room listening to this conference right now. HE has had it and will start applying the rod of discipline the next time you carelessly use MY HOLY Name in vain. You have been warned, do not come crying to ME If MY FATHER applies the rod of discipline to the seat of knowledge. I am a Loving GOD but a firm and just GOD as well. I cannot let this go on any longer. I have had it with you. AMEN, AMEN, AMEN, AMEN

Daughter you may sit down now as your responsibility to speak at this conference is over. You have been used to apply the rod of discipline to MY children. AMEN, go sit down.

In response to the Letter Donna received August 3, 2014 regarding the misuse of the LORD’s HOLY NAME, her Letter from the LORD was prayed over by Susan Davis and this is what HE had to say through her August 19, 2014:
This problem of “loose lips” is deep and wide and far among church goers. They will live to regret it. The hour is coming. I will not allow this filthy church, this church that misuses MY Name to come unto ME. So many do not see the error of their way. MY Words hold no weight in their mind and heart. There is no value to what I am teaching them. They have completely given themselves over to the world that they have and embrace.

MY children you are witnessing an end of an era. This church age is about to end. I am about to call an end to it. I am about to bring out MY bride and leave the lukewarm church behind. She will then know she had blasphemed her GOD. She is MY church of ill repute. She wants to grab all MY glory and display it in all her own wicked ways.

They are not even mindful of MY Will. They walk all the way around MY Will seeking their own will. They rush to sin. They run to wickedness. They have their own filth. They fill their minds with such evil and corruption. I can no longer look upon this church. I am sickened and ill by this church that uses MY Name so coarsely. I am about to spew them out of MY mouth. I cannot take this abomination any longer.

I am a GIVER of life and death. I am HOLY, I walk HOLY. I am going to have MY Way with those who disregard ME. Their disregardful way will be met with destruction. Let this church tremble in fear. MY church must submit to ME, surrender their all and work out their salvation with fear and trembling. MY Words have not changed. They are the same today as yesterday. The church has changed but I have not changed. They have altered their ways to please themselves but I have not changed My Ways. I am still a GOD of purity and holiness and I demand respect from MY children, respect for MY Name, respect for MY Ways, respect for MY Truth. This is all in the Words I have spoken in MY book. You are a witness to MY Words. Where three are gathered together HE is in our midst. Put the Words out, make them known. I will continue to warn the harlot church.

Susan Davis prayed over this message with Donna McDonald on August 13, 2013. This is what the LORD had to say to her about the message that Donna just delivered regarding misuse of HIS HOLY NAME:

My ears burn when my children do this. It saddens and angers ME. They are so ill prepared to come into MY Glory. They must come into the light and become clean. They must clean their garments of this disgraceful filth, of this pollution of the mouth. Their words must be pleasing to ME and not offensive. MY Name must be revered, hallowed.

We asked if there are any Words Donna and I use that are displeasing to HIM. HE said: Try to refrain from even using phrases like, oh my goodness. It has a hint of using My Name… Soon after HE said this I heard ‘expletive deletive’ referring to these, ‘oh my goodness’ phrases’. The LORD is angry over this misuse of HIS Holy Name. Words given from the LORD to Susan Davis, August 13, 2014–

The LORD’s End Times Prophecy Conference—August 15-16, 2014—“HOLINESS—The Requirement for the Bride of CHRIST” Conference Speaker Videos:

SPECIAL SPEAKER STEVEN BEN DENOON said this of his presentation: “Friday night we will dive deep into redemption in a way you never knew, connecting the dots from Genesis to Revelation. How G-D created man and woman equal and the fall never instituted man to be ruler of his wife. Discover why JESUS spoke some of the parables HE did and their application hidden in the Torah awaiting for Israel to know her MESSIAH.” –Steven Ben DeNoon, Rabbi, a Levite, and Hebraic Scholar of the DeNoon Institute of Biblical Research—website: Steven was born to Jewish parents in 1964. As a Jewish believer in YESHUA; Author, International Speaker, Advocate for Israel, and Biblical Equality. He believes that YESHUA (JESUS CHRIST) is the MESSIAH that G-D promised to Israel the redeemer of the World. Author of two books; Israel, Are they still GOD’s People? And Yam Suph, Israel’s Final Exodus. Here is his conference video:

End Time Deception: Returning speaker Dr. Neil Lipken who is both a Messianic Jew and a 30-year veteran of teaching about the End Times and the Bible. Dr. Lipken has a vast knowledge of the Bible and End Times; the history of Israel and how it ties to End Times and the political climate of Israel and world today. This Conference presentation focuses on End Time Deceptions:

The Importance of Holy Living in These End Times: Our friend Ed Amos who runs his own End Times Ministry on youtube with thousands of followers. Ed’s gift of prophecy brings valuable information on the necessity of holiness for the Christian to be ready for the return of CHRIST. Ed addresses the importance of “holy living” required for entering the Kingdom of GOD:

Sacredness of the Name of GOD: Presented by Returning Speaker Donna McDonald gives the prophetic Words of the LORD regarding the importance of HIS Name and how the world today is abusing it—take a few minutes to watch this important message (see the written transcript above):

Knowing the Hour We Live In: Presented by Susan Davis—This Conference segment reveals shocking truth about the hour we actually live in and how the world events are pointing to the nearness of the return of CHRIST and that we are truly living in what the Bible called the “End Times.”

What the Lukewarm Church Won’t Tell You: Presented by Susan Davis—This presentation reveals the heart of GOD and shows how very misled the lukewarm church is today. Are you currently part of the lukewarm church?—watch this video and find out:

*The Lukewarm Church Powerpoint notes and Ed Amos Holy Living Presentation Notes available upon request:


“The Marriage Supper of the LAMB” Radio Interview with Host John Baptist Featuring Susan Davis” on Tribulation NOW Radio which aired September 3, 2014—Susan’s Interview is about 91 minutes into the show. The Marriage Supper of the LAMB with Susan Davis
Join Kenneth, John and Cathy in the chat room while we discuss the never-ending apocalyptic headlines and welcome sister Susan Davis, author of the book, Marriage Supper of the LAMB. Susan will share with us the supernatural event that happened in her life leading to the writing of this glorious and revealing work. Learn with great understanding and intimacy the characteristics of the Bride of Jesus Christ and make sure your personal house is in order because the greatest day in the history of the world quickly approaches.
God Bless You – See you there!

Show Link:

End Times and the Lukewarm Church Presentation by Susan Davis at White Chapel in Carmel, IN, September 2014:

“A Prophecy for the Bride of JESUS CHRIST with Donna McDonald” Radio Interview
Show Time: TRIBULATION NOW with Host John Baptist which aired June 18, 2014
Show Link:

Donna McDonald’s Video Presentation on “Hearing the Voice of GOD” we had transcribed for the deaf community:

This Video Presentation by Susan Davis is about “Spiritual Gifts” (also prepared for the Deaf Hearing Community) and what the many gifts are that are given by the HOLY SPIRIT. You can pray and ask for spiritual gifts—but the gifts are given exclusively by the HOLY SPIRIT to whom HE chooses and WHEN HE chooses:

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HUMILITY!! Curtis Roach and Pastor Icyline Turner share on the subject of humility. An excerpt was read from the book ‘Marriage Supper of the LAMB’ on the subject. This book was a dictation to Susan Davis by the LORD CHRIST while on a 40-day fast as per HIS instruction. Listen and be totally enlightened and blessed!:

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-Story of The LORD’s End Times Prophecy Ministry:

-Intimacy with GOD with Susan Davis PLUS the Amazing Testimony of Cher Cheng Xiong and his encounters with CHRIST:

-Dr. Neil Lipken Speaking on End Times Events: Israel and Blood Moons:

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