Darkness Escape

Blind and trapped into darkness,
Within, an aching and an emptiness.
Delighted in what is forbidden,
His heart has been silently stolen.

Somehow searching in the darkness,
Somewhere hidden in the far distance,
Something that it cannot comprehend;
When darkness finally meets the light.

Running towards the light and far away,
“Oh darkness, no more will I be led astray!”
Though blackness is surrounding in the air,
He fights to follow Lord Jesus to forbear.

In the war against his pride,
Fighting for love; crucified.
Breaking all vain obsessions,
Until he is not in division.

Where burden turns to wonder,
Where peace instead of fear,
Where distress changes to laughter,
Praising God in the storm and fire.

Dancing in the fire to be refined,
Breaking the chains; past behind.
Through the saving blood of Christ,
Forever set free; a gift beyond price!

© Step Into ETERNITY, 2014.

Commentaries: This poem is talking about a person, he was described as blind, although it is not in a physical sense, but he was spiritually blind in this dark world; he cannot see the deception that are in this world today. He was trapped into darkness–it is not plain darkness, for sin relates to darkness, it is talking about sin that he has fallen into. He had an aching and an emptiness–this world offers temporary pleasures, without Jesus our God, we will always left empty no matter how much we try to fill in ourselves–the emptiness in which only God who can truly satisfy our part in this. He was delighted in what is forbidden; forbidden is referring to sin that is against our Holy God, this man took pleasures in his sins. His heart has been silently stolen because when he does not repent to God of his sins, he belongs to the enemy, which is satan. It has been a silent process because he is not even aware of this.

He searches in the darkness and sees something hidden in the distance–this is self explanatory. Something that it–the “it” is referring to “darkness”, where darkness cannot comprehend light when they meet each other.

He runs towards the light due to its attraction and far away from the darkness where he had stayed in the past. He had a spiritual awakening because he had finally realized that the darkness where he was dwelling into had been a deception, that have lead him astray away from The Lord, who is the light. Though there are blackness everywhere he goes in this wicked world, he goes through his trials to follow Jesus to forbear this blackness–to stay away from this blackness when he sticks close to The Lord.

In the war against his pride is responding to his decision to follow The Lord. He fights against his sin and fighting for love–he fights to reflect the fruits of the Spirit–one of them is love, to love is to be selfless, when you have pride, you cannot truly love someone. Crucified means to crucify his flesh–not as in the manner like what Christ has done for us, but in a manner to crucify his fleshy desires/temptations that would lead him to sin against God. Until he is not in division–to be one with God, we will love what He loves and hate what He hates, his heart is God’s heart–they share the same desire, where he surrenders all his own will to follow God’s will. When a man is divided spiritually, he is not one with God, where he selfishly follows his own will without seeking God’s view on that. Surrendering all our will to God completely is essential in our salvation, as well as complete repentance of our sins. We must repent of our sins throughout the day, daily.

Where burden turns to wonder, where peace instead of fear, where distress changes to laughter–this is the result of his obedience to God. Obedience to God is the key! Many blessings will be upon you when you obey Him in all things, He cares for His own! Praising God in the storm and fire, this is not limited to literal storm and fire, but it is more of a spiritual one. Even when we are in our lowest of the low, Jesus is still God, let not this block our worship and praises to Him! When we praise Him even in the storm (negative situations) and fire (refinement), it is very possible that He will bless us even more!

Dancing in the fire to be refined. For example, when we have lost someone who have passed away, we could be really depressed, but even so through praising Him still when we are in this state–we become overcomers of this trial. Using “dancing” is to emphasize the joy that can be experienced during our trials. It is not a literal fire, but it is talking about refinement of our maturity in Christ Jesus. Breaking the chains; past behind is referring to the chains when we were in the darkness, but now because we have Christ, in His power we are able to break these chains off. Past behind is talking about how he is putting behind his past, could be his past shame, mistakes…etc. and looking forward to the bright future in Christ. Through the saving blood of Christ, forever set free–only His blood can save us from hell, through the covering of His blood shall we be able to escape hell and into an eternity with God in heaven; in peace and love. A gift beyond price means that His blood that redeems us cannot be brought at a price, for it is priceless. No one, except God Jesus can have the ability to save us from hell and cleanse away our sins to be forgiven.

Credits to “Love is War” and “Children of the Light” by Hillsong


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