Words of the LORD: “Everything that circulates around this evil day glorifies MY enemy.”

Words of the LORD:
“Everything that circulates around this evil day glorifies MY enemy.”
(Words Received from Our LORD by Susan Davis, September 6, 2013)

This is a letter for MY children. These days are dark and MY children have turned against their GOD. They are rabble-rousers. They want to cause ME trouble and make trouble. I am sullen at the darkness all around. The darkness closes in all over the earth. MY children embrace evil like it is a dearly beloved baby blanket. They are running to and fro to grasp evil. There is so much evil on earth that the people are completely dumbed-down to what they are doing and how they have come to be so far from their GOD.

I want to address this matter of the dark holiday approaching. It is a day that is meant to glorify MY enemy. Everything that circulates around this evil day glorifies MY enemy. It puts him at the center of the hearts of MY children, who, I, GOD, created. Their focus is on him and the love of his ways. I am so sickened of this I could puke. MY children have slipped so far from ME. They cannot see the dark tunnel they are digging for themselves. They are taking shovels and digging themselves a gateway to hell and MY enemy is standing by assisting them.

Children, you must awaken to this Truth. Stop embracing this evil, let go of and quit handling this evil. Each day that you focus on MY enemy, you are one day closer to hell. MY coming is nigh, and although I know the day and the hour, you must prepare because of this day you know not. I will come as a thief in the night and only those prepared will be coming with ME. All those left behind will then live with this evil tyrant in full force. This day approaches: be not weary of preparing for MY coming. Only those who are ready are going with ME.

This is your LORD GOD


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