The Father’s Heart

There is a Father up above in heaven,
Has none greater love for you in expression,
Through His Son Jesus Christ’s crucifixion,
All your sins through His blood can be forgiven.

He is the risen King of kings who knew no sin,
With abundance of mercies when your day begins,
God has died for you so that you may live,
He wants a full surrendered heart from you to give.

He is better than any earthly father imagined,
He is not an angry and distant God you’ve determined,
He knows everything about you–even the numbers of your hair,
He is always besides you and even in the air.

He longs for you to meet Him in the secret place,
Spending intimate time with Him face to face,
There’s a unique relationship He have with each child,
You can talk to Him twenty four seven with a dial.

He has been waiting for you daily to come back home,
The peace He gives to you is not of worldly tone,
To hold you close like a Father to His little one,
He’d just die for you if you’re the only someone.

© Step Into ETERNITY, 2014.

Credits to: Susan Davis

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