Love Story

There’s a difference between knowing about God and knowing Him,
A look on the Word without relationship is rather dim,
A song, a nature, a people, and spontaneous emotions,
God speaks through many ways that can hold your attention.

In the calmness; God can be found,
Through the silence; peace would resound,
An intimate time of stillness in His presence,
Oh, how beautiful is the art of patience!

A sweet surrender to Him is better than wine,
Shutting the world off; lost beyond time,
Broken and shattered down of vain obsessions,
Mended and risen up in glorious translation.

Synchronisation with the Holy Spirit heart to heart,
Into new dimensions where secrets would impart,
What honor to give Him the highest praise everlastingly!
His indescribable burning love overflows exceptionally.

At the breath of God the enemy perish,
It’s as strong when His love for you flourish,
Nothing is better than to bask in His ravishing love,
None in this world worth desirous for than the things above.

Lord, You are my symphony; enrapturing me,
You are a divinity–You’ve won my heart an infinity,
Oh…how precious to be drunk in the spirit and melt in Thy presence,
You memorizes me, in Your breathtaking omniscience…

© Step Into ETERNITY, 2014.

Credits to: Abrahan Granillo at, E.T., Song of Solomon, J.W., D.M.

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