We all had in life encountered our battle scars,
Crushed, oppressed; struck behind a million bars,
We all want those who hurt us know how we feel,
We all want justice to stop this sick revolving wheel.

We all make mistakes, we all need forgiveness,
Hatred cannot change a heart but stay us in weakness,
Lest we become a murderer, making things worse than the start,
Regrets and torment; spending eternity with God apart.

God commanded us to forgive others seventy times seven times,
Unforgiveness is like a hidden sin that we may forget oftentimes,
The love of the Father forgives all sins of a repentant heart,
Forgive all to be forgiven to not let life departs.

The price of resentment is beyond our scope of imagination,
It’s a deadly poison; a cancer that makes your life hard to function,
God commanded us to love our enemies and not render evil for evil,
There will be a just judgment for sinners that will be very awful.

Don’t hold it even a second and put the weapons to the ground,
Use love in everything you do for the healing of your wound,
Just let go and let God carry your heavy burden by His grace,
So that you can focus His will and eternal reward in this race.

Trust that God is in control and move on by His perfect strength,
So you can fly free like a bird in no time of length,
Remember Lot’s wife who turned and became a pillar of salt?
Let’s look forward to the race and looking back to a halt!

© Step Into ETERNITY, 2014.

Credit: Losing by Tenth Avenue North, Forgiveness by Tobymac, Letting You Go by Helen McNeill

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