Thank You for knitting me to life by Your perfect love,
Thank You for Your tender love from heaven above,
Thank You for every breath that You breathed unto me,
Thank You for saving me from hell which has set me free.

Thank You for waiting upon me by Your great patience,
Thank You for the chance to be born in this last generation,
Thank You for listening to me of what I have to say,
Thank You for giving me every brand new day.

Thank You for every drop of water that comes my way,
Thank You for every bit of food that I have every day,
Thank You for a roof under my head to keep me warm,
Thank You for making me strong through every storm.

Thank You for Your divine protections with angels by my side,
Thank You for sanctifying me daily; putting away my pride,
Thank You for guidance; beautifully leading my journey back home,
Thank You for being with me when I was being alone.

Thank You for heartwarming families and friends who are for me,
Thank You for the beautiful nature that speaks to me sweetly,
Thank You for every step that I can take, all through Your power,
Thank You for vision so I can behold a world of amazing colors.

Thank You for Your encouragements in the times of need,
Thank You for Your constant chastening that I love to heed,
Thank You for the teachings that equipped well for my soul,
Thank You for training my faith to give You complete control.

Thank You for wisdom that I can use for Your glory,
Thank You for the chance to sleep every night peacefully,
Thank You for justice–the Prince of Peace!
Thank You for giving me smiles that will never cease.

Thank You for being my God, my best friend, my master,
Thank You for being my bridegroom, my savior and doctor.
Thank You for being my teacher, my father, my everything,
Thank You for being Your clay and masterpiece that’s progressing!

© Step Into ETERNITY, 2014.


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