The Overcomer

Our mind is a battlefield; constantly warring against the flesh,
As long as we’re in the flesh, we’ll always stumble afresh,
There is no condemnation of those who walk after the spirit,
By the power of the Holy Spirit; deliverance comes nearest.

We all have trials and tribulations which come our way,
We can call for help from above, only in a prayer away,
Rejoice! That you fall into divers temptations,
‘Cause you’re being refined and your faith strengthened.

You’ll not be tempted above that you are able,
There’s a way to escape that you may bear the trouble,
God’s strength is made perfect in weakness,
So when you are weak, then are you strong with gladness.

Remember the price of sin–going to hell is the enemy’s goal,
It’s wise to rather lose the world than to lose your own soul,
Satisfaction from worldly pleasures is always temporary,
Nothing can compare to heaven’s glory that lies in eternity.

Naked we came and naked we depart at an appointed day,
Like a vapor that has been unexpectedly blown away,
It is essential to prepare for your next life ahead,
So when all else falls apart, you will not be in a dread.

Keep close to the truth and put on Christ’s righteousness,
Stay near to God to not be distracted by worldly attractiveness,
Hunger and thirst after righteousness then shall you be filled,
Have faith in God’s conquering power so you can be healed.

Mix with the world once and you’re one step harder,
Walk by spirit before flesh then you’d be so much better,
The righteous falls many times but stand yet again,
Love and humility are the keys to defend.

Time is very short and there’s no guarantee,
Don’t leave the path ’cause of your failure is heavy,
Stand firm at your choice in Christ until the end,
So when you meet God, He will call you His friend.

No playin’ with fire; no playin’ games,
God will not strive forever with those heading to the flames,
Don’t self condemn yourself when you’ve repented all your sins,
Confess your sins for forgiveness and His grace will not run thin.

There’s no hope in this world–a place so dull,
But God is our only hope–always unchangeable,
You don’t have to sin in order to have fun,
There’s so much more in God beyond your imagination!

Be like Christ–love righteousness and hate iniquities,
Keep pressing into God to improve and be at ease,
We’re new creations in Christ–let’s forget what’s behind,
Knowing that we are in the light and not darkness inclined.

We can do all things through God who strengthens us,
Resist the devil and he will flee with sureness,
Through our faith in God we have overcome the world that’s fallen,
In Christ we are more than conquerors, the victory is already won!

© Step Into ETERNITY, 2014.


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