Greatest Exodus

Time is truly late; the clock keeps ticking,
Will you respond? Jesus Christ is calling!
The greatest exodus will very soon happen,
It will not repeat the history as there’s only one!

Do you want to count in that number or be left behind?
It would be a living horror if you remain in great tribulation,
Christ is coming; proved by many end time signs,
A chance not to taste death in this blessed last generation.

Most plagues of Egypt in this era have already mirrored,
The blood moons have come to pass as prophesized in the Word,
Famines, pestilences, and earthquakes in divers places,
Many hearts are hard and self centered for ages.

Turning the truth into fables and lukewarm churches,
Ignoring the evidence of God; doing as their lust pleases,
Tremendous knowledge explosion in the last few years,
Even the mark of the beast technology is already here.

Much preparation has been made for the New World Order,
Numerous guillotines, FEMA coffins and one world religion,
Many others things too which our main news hide their offer,
Masses of Christians die in their faith due to persecutions.

The crying for peace and rumors of wars,
Strange christs, teachers and prophets that are false,
The sign of Jonah in the constellation has too been shown,
Israel became a nation again which the bible has let us foreknow.

Israel is our timepiece that shows that it is this season,
The end is here! Repent and make ready yourself for Jesus,
God’s wrath is not subject to His bride; His chosen,
But, if you don’t prepare, you’re gonna be losin’.

Do you want to stay behind or escape the coming destruction?
Both God’s wrath and the enemy’s will be poured forth furiously,
Sudden destructions will come that may lose your salvation,
The world will be mad for survival and may treat you carelessly.

The way to be saved by then would be being martyred for Christ,
Don’t risk the chance of paying such an enormous price,
While there is still chance now to surrender your will to God,
Don’t miss the ticket to go home up to the sky abroad!

To be changed and glorified in the twinkling of an eye,
Transforming to His likeness and being set free shall we fly,
Standing face to face meeting our King of Glory,
Forever captivated by His endless love and beauty!

© Step Into ETERNITY, 2014.



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