My First Love

Knowing that You are my first love for the first time,
My heart was glad that I am Yours and You are mine,
I barely can wait for the time when we will unite,
Coming back to the beginning; a life full of Your light!

I hunger and thirst after You day and night,
I already said “I do”, You know I’ve been relentless in my fight,
Your Word are love letters to me; am so humbled by Your love,
I hope my heart’s love letters do please You, sending to You above.

You are Love–I’m awestruck and Your love I yearn to learn,
I surrender everything to You, responding to You in return,
I’m forever thankful that You’ve given me the gift of salvation,
I still can’t comprehend Your love that’s stronger than the sun.

You know all things about me more than I know myself,
I’m glad You understand me when known not by someone else,
You are my sweet fragrance–my heart is so overwhelmed,
It’s a reward to be in Your presence–a special secret realm.

I’m breaking my vain obsessions till You’re all that I desire,
Deep calls unto deep without limit–please bring me up higher,
I just want You; nothing here that’s more important than You do,
There’s nothing I wouldn’t do to be sitting next to You.

© Step Into ETERNITY, 2014.


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