It’s All About Love

Do you know that God is Love?
Every act of affection you receive comes from above!
Oh, such profound love He have for His children!
When I feel love; I experience God without distance.

It’s all about love that’s supposed to reign in this world,
But many have stony hearts that made it blurred,
So much people want love and hope from others,
Sadly they look for eros love to satisfy their hunger.

What a soul that’s void of love; so empty in darkness!
What temporal and unending cycle of wanting more!
Without God, there’s only despair and hopelessness,
With God, we can get eternal satisfaction unlike before.

Show unconditional love when you meet people around,
It’ll be distinct as it could draw attention from the crowd,
When you love someone it uses energy,
A huge field radiating out like a sun powerfully.

Your love can affect everything around you,
Love against evil is the most powerful tool,
We should also love animals and plants,
There’s also dignity deserved by an ant.

God created all things–isn’t He is in everything?
Look around you, what do you see?
Is it tangible or flesh? Then you are not looking!
See through their flesh, skins, bones, but soul should be!

All things were created in complete love by God,
Love is our origin, like a magnet when spread abroad,
Look deep into their eyes and see inside of them for clue,
They also breathe, love, suffer and search just like you.

God’s creations are perfect, it is sin that corrupted us,
See how our fingers can move seamlessly without a fuss,
How good when hell swallows up all worldly offenses,
When we purely love everyone; life makes sense.

Do you know that God is light?
There is hope, when there is light from above!
I still can see God when things are bright,
But when darkness is gone; it is all about love.

© Step Into ETERNITY, 2014.

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