The Enemy

Lies are screaming out in every direction,
Yet they’re so blind and deaf to this deception,
Whispers softly slide into the ears of unawares,
What goes behind the scene seems like no one cares.

We wrestle not against flesh and blood,
But against principalities, powers and rulers of the dark,
Spiritual wickedness and invisible wars that flood,
The adversary is hungry to devour like a shark.

An unseen world, a skeptical mind,
Fiery darts hurled, have you whined?
Nightmares, torment, fear and sickness,
Addictions, loneliness, pain and sadness!

Angel of light; satan disguises,
Soul he fights, minions arise,
They’re very familiar with your moves,
Tricking an open door when sin approves.

Bound up in solid chains of sorrows,
They steal, kill and destroy like no tomorrow,
Occult, sex, self-hatred and religions,
Discouragement, hopelessness and temptations!

We must know who our enemy is to win the battle,
Knowing our authority in Christ, not start to crumble,
We’re a threat to satan’s kingdom as we stand sober,
Against these fallen demons, we cut asunder.

They’re rooted in pride and hatred towards people,
Causing spiritual wounds; enclose us in a bubble,
Evil seeds planted–contaminate who we’re meant to be,
Keeping us from fulfilling God’s assignments ruthlessly.

When gained enough authority–they desire to possess,
But your born-again spirit cannot give them access,
Though they can inhabit and inflict the carnal flesh,
The emotional soul thinks, reasons and decides no or yes.

Oh so patient throughout the years,
Slowly creeps in–you may not hear!
He wishes to go undetected to war against us,
Wanting more control without a fuss.

Submit yourself to God, resist him and he will flee,
Plead Jesus’ blood and His divine protection quickly,
Bind and cast demons out–command in Jesus’ name,
Draw nigh to God and He’ll draw nigh to you the same.

Unforgiveness could be a hidden sin for many,
As God forgives your inexcusable sins, you must forgive,
Through God, forgive all to be forgiven mercifully,
Remind you’ve forgiven them–don’t have it relive.

Cling to what’s only good and stand firm in the word,
Reject the father of lies and confusion he had tortured,
The closer you are to God, the devil would tremble,
All are within God’s allowance for him to attack with subtle.

Break mouths’ curses, for words spoken are powerful,
Don’t give rights to the devil and agree what’s evil,
Avoid cursed objects that stay in your dwelling,
Speak out loud the Word of God and ask for blessing!

© Step Into ETERNITY, 2014.


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