Be The Salt And Light

Life here on earth is just a vapor of time,
Look into an eternal perspective that is prime,
Paint love throughout the lonely empty streets,
Be the salt and light with love of your heartbeats.

Show the world that you’re a different breed apart,
Let God’s lights shine to all corners of your heart,
We are an army of Love with God living within us,
What glory as others feel His presence from you thus!

Beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news,
Who turns a sinner from the error of his way once used,
Scoffers, mockers, even loved ones who may persecute you,
Blessed are you to be heavenbound with great rewards too.

We live in this world but we are not part of it,
Being an outcast; as light and darkness do not fit,
Narrow is the way that leads unto eternal life,
He who endures till the end will be saved afterlife.

The truth could be offensive to many as we share,
When served raw it can set others free from snare,
Every soldier is willing to die for their cause in war,
If you deny God, He’ll deny you like slammed door.

Fear not finite men but God who is omnipotent,
He died for your sins–will you deny yourself as His servant?
To follow Him is to be crucified along with Christ Jesus,
Does your heart break like Him for the lost in darkness?

Plant seeds whenever possible and Holy Spirit waters it,
Rejecting Jesus–it’s sad the lost are heading to the pit,
Don’t push away someone because they’re worldly,
But reach them to Christ’s salvation indiscriminately.

Every knee shall bow and confess to God they speak,
God’s a gentleman and won’t force us to choose Him,
He wishes not even one to perish whom He seeks,
It is all about the heart to God that lies within.

Be bold to witness by the power of the Holy Spirit,
We are powerful through Christ beyond our limit,
Not one injustice against you will go unpunished,
When you’re saved, fearing death is unneeded.

© Step Into ETERNITY, 2014.

Credit:,,,,, Your Love Moves (ft. Lanae) by Luminous City (music)

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