The Child Of GOD

Little feet running and chasing with all might,
Dropping all things to be pleasing in His sight,
Little spirit surrendering every detail of her life,
Preparing for royalty to be called as His wife.

Being the child of God is such a privilege,
Sacred union and divine heavenly knowledge,
Overflowing blessings from open heaven on high,
Hedged in all sides–you’re the apple of His eye.

With the Holy Spirit within; you have everything,
A changed heart ignited on holy fire that’s burning,
Sealed with His blood; beloved child of the free,
An encompassing peace; not even a single worry.

Walking without limit as an heir to God’s throne,
Family members in multitudes without being alone,
Perfect guidance upon you by an all-knowing God,
Becoming in the likeness of Christ Jesus the Lord.

His love for you is from everlasting to everlasting,
He loves you like you’re His only child so caring,
Nothing can ever separate from His love for you,
He loves you like no other–it always remain true.

He loves you beyond measure far beyond imagination,
He’d die for you even if only you who need salvation,
You are priceless, irreplaceable, and a treasure to Him,
His eyes are always on you and forgives all your sins.

God died for your sins so you can live with Him forever,
He can heal your deepest wounds–your deliverer,
He is familiar with all your ways, comings and goings,
And careful thoughts of you in your mother’s womb knitting.

He is slow to anger and have great patience upon you,
You are perfect through Jesus Christ in God’s view,
You alone can fill His empty you hole in His heart,
It breaks His heart to lose you an eternity apart.

He have a need for your attention, love and affection,
Not rote prayers but intimacy He desires from you often,
He is Holy and yet close by your side so humbly,
He is God Almighty, but He is also your loving Daddy.

© Step Into ETERNITY, 2014.



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