Breaking Dawn

A wound so deep; a pierced shattered heart,
Nightly crying sleep; abuse vividly recalls from the start,
Tears silently watered down the face when no one sees,
Aching with suicidal thoughts; yearning to be at ease.

GOD knows all and sees all, even the inner most depths,
HE don’t miss a thing, not even a single tear that was shed,
Every tear is collected and recorded in HIS book from you,
HE understands completely what you have been through.

HE wants the best for you and sees you happy,
HE sees your pain–there’s no reason to hide and flee,
Open your heart wide to GOD, who can heal the deepest scars,
It hurts HIM when it hurts you as you’re chained behind bars.

HE comes to untangle the obstacles that blocked your way,
To undo all harm the enemy has done so you can break away,
HE is close to the brokenhearted and cares about you,
HE takes the ugly and makes it beautiful; restores all anew.

It is the enemy’s lies that nothing can change,
But it’s GOD’S desire to heal and remove the stain,
It’s possible if you allow HIM to root out all the hurt,
To give you back divine peace, joy and your worth.

GOD loves you with an unconditional everlasting love,
Allow HIM to show you who HE created you to be,
Put your broken heart into HIS hands of healing from above,
Trust HIM and surrender all the things that you worry.

There is power in the Marvelous Name of JESUS,
Through HIS Name you will not be left helpless,
But to gain access to GOD to break every chain,
Being made whole and set free from your pain.

Repentance is not for the grave when one is departed,
Suicide is a sin; which leads to a worse end as unexpected,
HE’LL never leave HIS beloved beautiful children HE delights,
Come into HIS arms and allow HIM to embrace you to be alright.

© Step Into ETERNITY, 2014.

Credits:,,,, Break Every Chain (music) by The Digital Age.



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