A New Beginning

By HIS Grace, the Truth has set me free,
Changed, as HOLY SPIRIT descended upon me,
A new beginning, as the blinders were fallen off,
Cleaning the heart to take away all sinful dross.

Everything seems different with spiritual eyes,
What an unforgettable day like my first sunrise,
Forever I am in the light but darkness has no place,
Forgetting the old behind, though the new I embrace.

A new heart and mind; a newness of life,
Like a fresh baby sprout emerging alive,
A breath of fresh air out of thick darkness,
A new chapter of life, fitted for GOD’S purpose.

Carrying HIS blood within, which is Holy and Pure,
Purifying the bad through CHRIST JESUS my Savior,
No guilt and shame of sins after reconciliation,
Washed clean as white as snow in HIS perfection.

No looking back to the world and not one regret,
My past don’t define me, except GOD’S view I let,
Being dead to sin and alive in HIM is so much better,
Looking to eternity; back home in wondrous adventure.

© Step Into ETERNITY, 2014.

Credit: http://www.gotquestions.org/new-creation.html, http://mbj8388.wordpress.com/

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