The Devil’s Pit

Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision,
Heaven so narrow or broad way to hell damnation,
We’re made in the image of GOD Who Is Eternal,
We’ll live forever even after death of the carnal.

Demons want to keep the devil’s pit a secret,
Even hiding the price tag of sins to the deepest,
The consequence is like the touch of your skin so real,
Hell was never meant for humans but fallen angels.

When one dies, it is the beginning of eternity,
Our decision is critical and must not be treated lightly,
Eternity hasn’t begun, even after a gazillion years,
Never ending that goes round and round the sphere.

Once someone’s trapped in hell it cannot be undone,
Death never comes, where hopelessness weights a ton,
Unspeakable horrors that’s far beyond hell on earth,
Better is the damned to have never come out of birth.

There is no laughter and joy, but endless torment,
Weeping and gnashing of teeth as they didn’t repent,
Oh yes, you may think it’s a hot fornication party,
Indeed, but there’ll be not any pleasure and beauty.

Instead of glorious mansion, a bed of immortal maggots,
People in hell forever hunger and thirst as their diets,
Even just a drop of water they yearn for but can’t find,
Anything they’d do to swap place with you mankind.

There, the unquenchable fire’s heat is unbelievable,
Crazy agonizing screams, of people that are innumerable,
The nonstop smell of decaying flesh and blood all around,
Pitch darkness are everywhere and loneliness abounds.

People’s minds are going to reach the brink of insanity,
Separation away from the GOD of Goodness for an eternity,
They can’t be annihilated, but burned and come back alive,
Pains and sufferings, also without exit even if they strive.

Why waste a minute pleasure in sin for eternal torment?
One goes to hell even if a single sin goes unrepentant,
GOD sees all even if you think you can hide your sins,
Whoever does the will of GOD lives forever with HIM.

It is not life in hell, even though the damned lives forever,
To be saved; make CHRIST JESUS your LORD and Savior,
HE died for your sins on the cross, so you can go to heaven,
Through HIS sinless blood all your sins can be forgiven.

Do not delay your repentance as time is no guarantee,
It’s HIS will to fully surrender and repent to HIM daily,
Also, to watch for HIS return and be intimate with GOD,
Confess your sins for forgiveness in prayer to The LORD.

When you think that your earthly sufferings are too many,
Think of the people in hell and be thankful for HIS mercy,
Don’t take the mark of the beast that dooms to hell for all,
CHRIST is our only hope, we must cling to HIM lest we fall.

© Step Into ETERNITY, 2014.


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