One With GOD

Flexible ballet dancer on the dance floor

Spirit to spirit; deep calls unto deep,
Self disposed; full possession proceeds,
Intertwined as one in exploration limitlessly,
The sound of the heart beats seamlessly.

Each moment yielding in complete surrender,
Laid down all burdens that turned into laughter,
Blindly follows HIS lead and not her own plan,
Fully relies on GOD and not resources from men.

Desiring nothing more than to obey HIS will,
Disgusted at the world which makes her ill,
She points to GOD in all the things that she do,
Consulting HIS will before her every decision too.

HE is the start and the end of her every day,
Seeking HIM for all answers and not other ways,
Esteeming HIM above all relationships and things,
Relying on HIM for help of every detail’s appearing.

Leaning not her own understanding nor men but HIM,
All through the power of the HOLY SPIRIT to conquer sin,
Solely depending on GOD for approval and attention,
Repenting all sins throughout the day for reconciliation.

Prioritizing GOD foremost daily over everything,
She’s willing to give all money away and anything,
Time cannot restraint her from intimacy with CHRIST,
Just to please HIM; already a gift beyond price.

Giving HIM full control of every part of her body,
Willing to die for HIS sake even if it’s all bloody,
Drunk in worship to GOD where they become one,
Proclaiming “I love you” daily to CHRIST the SON.

Trusting HIM without borders in childlike faith,
Loving others as herself as the Word of GOD saith,
Being thankful for all things even in every storm,
Anxiously waiting for HIS return to be transformed.

© Step Into ETERNITY, 2015.



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