How many are lost and blind than the saved!
Many fall into hell daily by the sins they’d enslaved!
What regrets when JESUS commands “depart from ME”,
With no excuse in judgment–the last words for eternity!

How heartbreaking seeing their lost state day to day!
Dead souls so void of light as they pushed CHRIST away.
How uncomfortable to stay silent as they’re all around!
A temporal happiness but grievous will be their wound.

Better is the lukewarm to have not known the truth,
For greater damnation awaits them–what a ruth!
How expensive to pay with their souls for fleeting sins!
No difference to the lost who play with fire on their skins.

Warnings after warnings were given but few heed them,
Death could be sudden and stubbornness condemns,
Mercy time has been long extended for all to get ready,
But only a handful out of all churches is counted worthy!

What bittersweet moment to GOD as rapture happens!
A joy to hold HIS bride yet great sorrow for the left behind,
Wrath of GOD and the enemy’s with destruction so sudden,
Only by then many will learn true repentance in their minds!

Just a lost loved one in hell is already heart-rending,
Indescribable pain GOD has as HIS lost children burning!
Eternal emptiness of missing holes in both their hearts,
Since they can only be uniquely filled if not pulled apart.

It’s a time to weep and mourn, also to fast and pray,
Let’s together stand in the gap for their break away,
As long as they’re alive there is still hope remaining,
But to serve GOD is by the individual’s ultimate choosing.

© Step Into ETERNITY, 2015.



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