YOUR Precious Blood

There’s no other blood than YOURS that can save;
WHO bled to forgive all our sins and conquered the grave,
JESUS CHRIST died on the hard cruel cross for all humanity,
A gruesome death, yet GOD YOU’VE done it so willingly.

A single sacrifice LORD, is forever enough and powerful,
Worthy is the Lamb WHO knew no sin–am forever thankful,
We’re justified by faith alone in YOUR righteousness LORD,
YOU’VE risen on the third day and sat on the right hand of GOD.

Sin has separated between GOD and men for YOU’RE holy,
YOU’RE our only hope to live with YOU in joy for eternity,
WHO overcame the deepest hell with lifeline of salvation;
Then ascended and exalted forever as the Highest One.

No greater love than to lay down YOUR life for us sinners,
There’s no depth in YOUR everlasting love beyond measure;
YOU’RE The Best Thing Ever that has happened to all of us,
No one loves us as much as YOU do with such profoundness.

YOUR pure tender love humbles and fully overcomes me,
A GOD so humble left me no excuse not to be humble totally.
Appeal HIS blood and remorsefully repent all your sins daily,
Make JESUS your full-time LORD and Savior to be ready.

Been fighting to love and follow YOU with tears of repentance;
Seems impossible to painfully go back to the world in adherence,
I accept YOUR priceless gift even though am undeserving,
Those who are free; let’s set others free from the cage’s sting.

© Step Into ETERNITY, 2015.

Credits:,, Sound of a Heart by Misty Edwards (music),

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