THY Masterpiece

The clay is lying on the spinning wheel,
Completely given to the Potter’s will,
Ready to be formed and pliable in HIS Hand,
But the shape and size is up to HIS plan.

Becoming a perfect vessel to be filled,
No two vessels are of the same build,
The time that’s most moldable is in despair;
Entirely emptied to GOD and made aware.

Being prepared for firing into the kiln,
So it will hold whatever that’s taken in,
Taking hours to be refined and purified,
As silver and gold to be tested and tried.

Trials and temptations are part of the process,
By suffering, faith is examined its genuineness,
Made strong in the fire by CHRIST we seek,
HE doesn’t fully destroy by putting in the weak.

Some would crack and can’t hold anything,
Some are pretty and used few since bad glazing,
Some are pretty, of great use and coated well,
Some waits to be re-worked on the shelves.

It just loves to be used with no agenda,
Willing, emptied and ready to be filled,
Full of blessed outpouring from the Helper,
Manifested to glorify the Potter in HIS will.

Poured out emptied then clean to fill it again,
Though paper cup is disposable unlike men,
Beautifully pleasing as the fragrance of flower,
A priceless masterpiece by GOD’S power.

© Step Into ETERNITY, 2015.

Credits: (PENTECOST DREAM @May 12/15/17 2013),,,

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