Take Me Faraway

Traded in the Star for the twilight,
Blindfolded in wander of the night,
A vain masquerade of unawareness,
As divinely touched by invisibleness.

Tightrope stretched across the universe,
Sealed by the Spirit without reverse,
Narrow is one way to Heaven’s Kingdom,
Following closely the light with wisdom.

Walking through the lone wilderness,
Sick of love and the soon homecoming,
Take me far away from this darkness,
Out of this temporal earth’s dwelling.

Atmosphere of warfare’s seduction,
Lead me by YOUR Hand all in all,
Too far above the air to suspend in motion,
Keeping the sacred balance not to fall.

Bubbling with excitement in readiness,
Step by step through the fiery furnace,
Cross the banner of love finishing strong,
To lock eyes with CHRIST feeling belonged.

© Step Into ETERNITY, 2015.

Credit: Tightrope by Misty Edwards (music), Forgive Me by Tenth Avenue North (music), https://www.youtube.com/user/Lastrumpet08/videos, Song of Solomon (KJV), http://www.sparrowsbarn.com/

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