Eternal Glorification

A new eternal glorified body awaits,
Anesthesia-like sensation being unafraid;
As instant transformation occurs effortlessly,
Levitating above earthly ground as GOD is Holy.

Entering into another dimension as she leaves,
Shimmering white robe of intricate weave,
Finest linen’s thread beyond description,
Alive and brilliant fabric of illumination.

Perfect being from the soil of Heaven,
This sinless body never knows pain and death,
It changes by circumstance and have no limitation,
Effortless navigation that walks and flies unlike flesh.

Locked door behind her to the enemy,
Forever closed off his access as protected entirely,
Heightened awareness into the spiritual realm,
Enhanced sight and microscopic eyes that overwhelms.

Taking in the form of light or state of fluidity,
Shining like the brightest star so heavenly,
Eternal fountain of youth so strong and alive,
Same qualities as CHRIST being glorified.

Questions will all be answered and greater knowledge,
Also receiving the crown of life for being faithful,
She’ll be a force beyond all forces without blockage;
On fire for GOD like never before that others can’t trouble.

Beautiful hair, skin and feet like luster of pearl,
Hair could be long and braided for the girls,
Hands are full of life and rich skin with no lack of moisture,
There are other types of dressing and jewelry to adorn her.

Same thoughts and desires in one spirit and body,
Infused with the HOLY SPIRIT in perfect unity,
Constant partnership of complete bodily possession,
Able to speak to GOD through telepathic communication.

Being possessed, HE can speak through the person,
And follows where she goes always together as one,
Literal GOD’S power within and energy so overwhelming,
That her cells would cease to exist if without HIS holding.

The touch of another could be tangible,
The flawless body could be fit and healthy,
What glory to glory for those who are loyal,
A new unimaginable life waits ahead in eternity.

© Step Into ETERNITY, 2015.

Credit:,,,, Barbara Alexandria


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