Nothing Without YOU

Is the cease of all goodness,
Before creation HE stood,
And HE alone is good.

Separation from GOD is darkness,
The edge of hopelessness,
Agony of a broken empty soul,
Left vulnerable in the cold.

CHRIST is our everything,
Without HIM, we can do nothing.
Plunging into the depths of depravity,
Men err in disease of vainglory.

The deprived of HIS presence,
Is every inch of sufferance,
Strived but always wanting,
What meaningless living.

Imagine the fading of grace;
The lovely smile from someone’s face,
The warm touch of their embrace,
Laughers and silly days.

Every kind and gentle word you hear,
Your child says “I love you” to your ear,
The taste of sweet sunlight,
And blue sky so bright.

The nature that speaks wonders,
Food with delicious flavors,
Beautiful music that pleases,
Fragrance and fresh cool breeze.

The LORD JESUS is Life,
Clinging closely to HIM is wise,
Looking at HIM who brings peaceful calm,
Full sprint into HIS wide open arms!

© Step Into ETERNITY, 2015.

Credits:, KJV,,

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