Suffering’s Joy

Worldly calamities and financial collapse,
Corrupted leaders and relationships’ distress,
Screams and constant cries of worrying people,
But the nature of GOD’S children is not fearful.

Overflowing peace in the midst of darkness,
Believing HIS insurmountable loving kindness,
By prayer and faith of receiving miracles,
Joyful dance, laugher and whistle.

Continuous trials of sanctification,
Yet producing patience unto perfection,
Delighting for not being burned but refined,
As an empty vessel to GOD Who is glorified.

Misunderstanding, mistreatment and injustice,
Being persecuted for truth with exceeding joyfulness,
Better is to be mocked than seeing them lost,
It’s a reward to glorify GOD by bearing the cross.

Falsely oppressed but not forsaken by HIM,
Cast down but not hurt by the second death,
Future glory with CHRIST away from sin,
Great rewards are laid up to possess.

Illness, grief, financial hardship and suffering,
Rejoicing in eternal security that’s soon coming,
By GOD’S power being made strong in weakness,
Knowing it’s composed for a heavenly purpose.

© Step Into ETERNITY, 2015.

Credits:,, KJV,

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