Everlasting Life

JESUS died on the bloody cross,
Who was raised from the dead,
To forgive your sins not being lost,
GOD loves you as HE paid your debt.

Have faith that you’re saved,
It sets free from eternal fiery hell,
Into everlasting life out of the grave,
Entering blissful heaven to dwell.

Declare to another by your words,
That you believe CHRIST as savior,
Come as you are fully surrendered;
All your will, future plan and desire.

Be remorseful for all sins committed,
Turn away from your sins every day,
As it’s required to not be spotted,
Staying in the right pathway.

When stumbled just stand back up,
Confess your sins for forgiveness,
Forgive all and don’t hold a grudge,
The repentant are forgiven by JESUS.

Be water baptized as a sign of faith,
Be baptized in the HOLY SPIRIT fully,
HE guides you through the narrow race,
Helps you to conquer sins successfully.

JESUS wants a relationship with you,
In daily intimate worship and prayers;
Also bible reading for saving truth,
And look for HIS return as a watcher.

© Step Into ETERNITY, 2015.

Credits: http://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/susanandsabrina

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