The Great Tribulation

Great Tribulation is at hand,
Now is the time of the end,
The age of grace is almost over,
So wake up from your slumber!

Many pastors and congregations,
Will be left behind in transgressions,
Some will be overcome with grief,
Great cries of regret and anguish.

Sorriest sinners on the earth,
Disappeared babies before birth,
After the rapture of CHRIST’s bride,
Staying behind because of pride.

Mothers search for their children,
Inconsolable hearts remain broken,
The landscape will not be the same,
Everywhere with calamity and flames.

Many lives will be lost after the rapture,
From sudden destructions to eternal hell;
No guaranteed salvation’s chance later,
Don’t delay to repent all sins to be well.

Horror and destruction will reign supreme,
Dark beyond imagination you can dream,
Rapture of saints with great deception;
Explaining away as alien abduction.

Rapture is an escape route to heaven;
Prior to Great Tribulation in freedom,
Surrender all your will to GOD now,
So that you too can depart as allowed.

All flesh will know the wrath of GOD,
The enemy’s rage will unleash in full force,
Demonic activity will be felt everywhere,
Visible and tangible of real nightmare.

More horrific and violent judgment,
Than wicked Sodom and Gomorrah,
All chaos in this hostile environment,
No relief of global massive hysteria.

Worst era humanity has never known,
Of great weeping, moans and groans,
The worst movie can’t even depicts it,
Many will commit suicide for false relief.

The world will not function normally,
As it will soon changes dramatically,
Multiple nuclear reactions globally,
The earth will be in ruins hopelessly.

Widespread looting, hunger and thirst,
Earth’s language shall cuss and curse,
Desperate people like wild animals,
As food diminish to nothing for survival.

False peace of antichrist’s government,
Will seduces the world under evil control,
Living will not be peaceable and pleasant,
Truth will be hard to find that saves souls.

Greatest tyrant the world has ever seen,
Each man for himself survival’s scene,
Worst kind of unrelenting persecution,
Of global assault on proclaimed Christian.

Mark of the beast will be mandatory,
Going to heaven would not be easy,
Don’t take the RFID health care chip,
As it dooms one to eternal hell fire pit.

It’s a permanent genetic modification,
With the seed of iniquity’s implantation,
A person will no longer be GOD’s creation,
Being unfit for HOLY SPIRIT’s occupation.

Those who take the mark to buy or sell,
Is giving allegiance to the devil satan,
They’ll have grievous sores like hell,
For their short-lived security chosen.

Advanced technology of cashless society,
Is a deceitful human tracking system,
Copying GOD’s power by the enemy,
But all are vanity against HIS kingdom.

To make it to heaven for eternal life,
Christians must profess to authorities,
Of their faith in The Lord JESUS CHRIST,
And refuse to take the mark of the beast.

Then arrested and tortured in FEMA camps,
Destined to be beheaded for their faith,
GOD has already paved a path for them;
In the soon atrocities’ darkest of days.

© Step Into ETERNITY, 2015.



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