God’s Calendars [Part 1]

CHRIST’s coming is extremely nigh! This period of time is such an URGENCY, as HE is going to rapture the spotless bride of Christ who have given their full surrender, full repentance of sins and by making JESUS as full-time LORD and SAVIOUR. If you have not, then better be rapture ready by meeting these requirements, so that you can be safe under GOD’S mighty wings and not be left behind in the horrible Great Tribulation that is to come.

Been working on the wheel with merged calendars, exploring the Gregorian, Hebrew together and Enoch. Can’t really see pass September and around June, and much signs/events do point to May on the wheel. May is a BIG marker for the bride of CHRIST, and it sounds and feels like stepping into the homecoming (heaven) period. Thanks to MBJ and TB Shores mainly for the clues on this wheel, with additional information done by further researches. Below is the chart and explanation is planned to add for Part 2. Anyway, I’m human and could make mistakes, just a note.

Extra credit: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_0R493EE66S8L4FPvgqE5w
& http://www.sparrowsbarn.com (Erin aka SparrowCloud9’s Prophetic Dreams/Visions)

timetable02 Please click on the image above for full size. Note: the wheel image is planned to update and would not be uploaded onto Part 1, but later.


3 thoughts on “God’s Calendars [Part 1]”

  1. I truly thank God that his spirit has open my ears and eyes on knowing the truth About his words and his coming. I really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. I lay down my life before his throne and i wanna be full committed to his word. I had a job that did not give me more time to do his will. I worked on Sundays,i missed revival,bible studies,temptation-made me to sin,no outreach and not in any church ministry. The salary was higher but after i read this letters from GOD given to Susan Davis i realize i have to prepare my self for the second coming of the LORD. I stood up and decide to leave that job.Today i started a new job that my salary is small but as long i can tithe and giving me more time to spend with God is fine. I can read my bible at work now,i can goggle this letters any time. I love my LORD.

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    1. Keep seeking the LORD, your heart for CHRIST HE fully knows. There are no regrets to sacrifice, knowing that it pleases the LORD, the heart of the bride would be glad. Our redemption draws extremely nigh now. I’m glad you are heeding GOD’s message through Susan Davis. By the way, this page is not about Susan Davis prophecies but GOD’s calendars. Anyway, bless your heart for seeking the truth and much love to you dear Selma.


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