God’s Calendars [Part 3]

Referring back to the Wheel Image: Below is the continued explanation of Part 2.

Nissan + 1 (Hebrew) & April (Gregorian)

Barley Harvest
Nissan includes both March and April, although March would not be discussed in this part yet. Nissan and Lyar is the time of barley harvest in Israel, and barley represents the brides. The bride of Christ can be seen in two groups (early brides/new brides), which you could understand this further if you’ve read The 3 Days of Darkness Series beforehand. Therefore, between March to May, the bride of Christ could possibly be harvested (collecting souls to heaven).  There’s no more time left, as the hourglass is empty.

NSW Severe Storm Marker
There was a worse in decade severe storm in Sydney, from 20th to 22nd of April, 2015. It was hit in Newcastle, NSW, Australia, and other places in that region. There were over 100,000 homes/businesses without power for 3 DAYS! This immediately reminds of the 3 Days of Darkness that is about to come upon the whole world. The dates are all set before the 23rd is just perfectly amazing, because 23 in the scriptures points to “death” a lot, and the number also represents the beginning of new time.

Australia is also called “Down Under”, and is located in the Southern Hemisphere. The number 6 on the wheel, which is down south below, where September that is 9 means “Judgment”. Thus, this could be speculated as The 3 Days of Darkness could happen before the 23rd and judgment is on its way. Before the darkness event, a global quake will come that could cause much destruction, as part of GOD’s judgment. This storm is a signal that the darkness is about to come upon the whole earth.

Nepal Severe Earthquake Marker
On the 25th of April, the 7.8M Nepal Earthquake was most possibly caused by CERN. This is planned to further explain in another section. But the 7 signifies as a 7 days of warning from 25th of April to around the 3rd of May, which is the second Passover. The end of days is as the days of Noah, and he was given a 7 days warning before the worldwide destruction. So now we are given a 7 days warning until near the second Passover, which is a very significant period for the bride of Christ that is also planned to be explained later. The number 8 represents eternity and new beginning.

The earthquake was on the 25th, and it can be seen as Matthew 25, which is about the ten virgins parable, the door, the coming of the bridegroom and the midnight cry (because of destruction soon). 25 is also pointing to the 2nd month and May, which could mean that the earthquake is related to this period of time. When the global quake comes, it would be a new beginning for the early bride of Christ, to be transformed into their incorruptible bodies of eternal life. There will be earthquakes in California and New York City very soon, and CERN could be the possible cause again as it has done to Nepal; a place of idols.

3rd Blood Moon Marker
On April 4th, the blood moon at Passover would probably be a bad sign for Israel, coming war and that the sword is coming to the world. The total lunar eclipse lasted for 4 minutes and 44 seconds, where 444 represents the rapture.

Wal-Mart Shut Down Marker
5 Wal-Mart stores were closed simultaneously for 6 months, all because of plumbing issues, but the code word is actually underground tunnels. Wal-Mart is related to the department of homeland security and could possibly be Martial Law. Interestingly, when looking at Wal = Law, and Mart = Martial/Martyrdom. The Great Tribulation of mandatory RFID implant technology is not far away. If you’re reading this and realized that you’ve left behind, do NOT take the RFID healthcare chip for it dooms a person to hell. You must repent all your sins, make JESUS CHRIST your full-time LORD and SAVIOUR, profess publicly to authorities of your faith in JESUS the one true GOD, and finally martyrdom to reach to heaven.

Consecration of the Bride
Referring to the Jewish wedding tradition, the bride would have to go through the Mikvah Bath, which is her consecration and possibly final preparation close before the wedding. Barbara prophesized about the Mikvah Bath on the 23rd of April, and according to the 7 days of preparation from Erin’s dream, that would land the end date at the 30th of April (today). This sanctification period is for the bride of Christ and signifies the closeness of the bridegroom’s return.

The Bridal Chamber #50 4/6/13
Erin: “I think some time about 7 earth days? (he smiled) What do I do for 7 days?”
Guardian: “Prepare!”
Guardian: “Look.” he takes me to an incredible bathing area; state-of-the-art. There were attendants there, a pool and all these different flowers, soaps, perfumes, powder, creams and music too. All of this was to make me beautiful for the consummation period”

Counting the Omer
Starting on April 5th to the 23rd of May, until the day of Pentecost that is 24th of May. The number 23 represents the beginning of new time and death, therefore the time before 23rd of May could be significant to watch.

Part 4 is planned to be continued.


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