God’s Calendars [Part 4]

Referring back to the Wheel Image (New Chart Below): Below is the continued explanation of Part 3. May is definitely a BIG month for the bride of CHRIST. There are so many things pointing to this.
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Lyar + 2 (Hebrew) & May (Gregorian) [P1]

The Year 2013 
2013 is very significant because the 1st sign of Jonah in the constellation has happened on 16-18/10 until 19/10-28/11/13. The sign of Jonah is directly related to the 3 days of darkness, because Jonah was in the belly of the whale for 3 days, where he had his 3 days of darkness. This is pointing exactly to Lyar, which includes both April and May. Therefore, between these months, the 3 days of darkness is highly possible to come. Comet Ison meaning “disaster” appeared during the same year, and it came after 40 days. This disaster is related to the 3 days of darkness event, where the global quake will destroy many around the globe.

Also, Bonnie who have a ministry focusing on the 3 days of darkness, she stopped blogging her prophecies from the LORD publicly on 2013, which is a big marker.

Barley/Mustard Harvest
The Barley Harvest in Israel also lasts until between April and May. As mentioned before, barley represents the bride of CHRIST. They are going to be harvested extremely soon. In Erin’s prophetic dreams, harvesting the mustard in April which could represents the bride of CHRIST. Lyar includes both April and May, so the timing of the mustard harvest could be seen like this, or perhaps going by the Enoch’s calendar.

THE GIFT DREAM 51 April 17th, 2013
Erin: “The mustard plants you said are harvested in April

Vision and Word from Jesus today – April 3rd, 2013
Jesus: He laughed. “The mustard seed likes dryer conditions. Mustard plants prefer outpouring.”

Jesus: “Somewhat, look at the mustard seed now…..” He was pointing to the tree “Is it not beautiful and thriving here? The mustard is planted and harvested in April to help the grape. In May comes the rains, then the mustard is removed and the vine grows. It will endure the latter rains.”

The mustard plants prefer outpouring, this could be referring to the outpouring of the HOLY SPIRIT. This reminds of the translation of the bride of CHRIST that is connected to the 3 days of darkness, where she will be completely infused with the HOLY SPIRIT and changed into her new incorruptible body. The mustard seed doesn’t like rain in May, probably because when it comes the mustard will be REMOVED. Again, May (which is this month) is a BIG marker, as the removal of the mustard (the bride) is referring to this period of time. Harvesting in April and removing in May, both of them fall on LYAR, therefore watch LYAR which is NOW. Erin’s body was seemingly glorified on April again. The glorified body could possibly be in the 25 years old state.

Primary Lessons – Vision/Word April 9th, 2013
Erin: “I’m up at the portal. I’m about age 25; unusual as I have only come to Jesus as a toddler, 7-year old, teenager and the age I am currently. Twenty five is a very good age.”

Part 5 is planned to continue.


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