God’s Calendars [Part 10]

Referring back to the Wheel Image (Updated): Below is the continued explanation of Part 9.

Tammaz + 4 (H) & July (G)

Door’s Shut Permanently
At 6:15PM, which is between June and July on the clock, is the time of the permanent door shut. The door is the rapture and when it’s shut like the Ten Virgins parable, the people left behind will have to endure the Great Tribulation in order to get to heaven.

The Bridal Chamber – #50 4/6/13
“WARNING! – Doors shut permanently @ 6:15 pm!”

The pie 2015 is pointing to Tammaz, the time when the door will be shut permanently. When the rapture is finished, Great Tribulation will start. 2015 is the acceptable year of The LORD JESUS return for HIS bride. As prophesized by Julie, 2015 is the year of the great shaking! The great awakening is not far away and so as the Great Tribulation.

6:15PM is not only can be referred to as June, but also the actual 6 o’clock. 6:15PM could be seen as between 6-7 o’clock that is between September and October. This point of time is very significant, because between September and October, on the 13th to 15th of September this year is Rosh Hashanah, which is the Jewish New Year. 15th of September is a BIG marker here. New year means a new beginning, and after 6:15PM is definitely a new beginning as Great Tribulation will happen after the closing of the door that represents rapture. The 6:15PM is just the marker that means things could be completed BEFORE this time.

Daniel’s 515 is as 15th, thus June 15th is a high watch time. But the thing is, the bride may possibly be gone around that time! Also, interestingly the severe storm that happened on April in Sydney’s region, the clock on the Australia’s map strikes near 6:15PM when it’s pointing to one of the affected area “Newcastle”. 6:15PM could represents “judgment”.

Behold the Ides of March  
Ides is the 15th of March, May, July and October, also the 13th of other months. Broadly of this day and the 7 days preceding it. Again, this is pointing to June 15th, as March is month 3 next to June. It is also to watch for the preceding 7 days before. Looking at May 15th, 7 days before would be around May 8th. There could be something significant with this date. Maybe May 8th still being the second Passover is when the excitement for the bride truly begins?

The Number 7
7 represents completeness, perfection and rest. This reminds of July as the mark of these things. Perhaps it’s about the completeness of the bride of CHRIST’s narrow walk to heaven, the perfection of her glorified body and eternal rest in heaven.

Part 11 is planned to continue.


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