God’s Calendars [Part 12]

“Referring back to the Wheel Image (Updated): Below is the continued explanation of Part 11.

Adar + 12 (H) & March (G) [P2]

The Number 444
The number 444 represents rapture, and when it’s added as 4+4+4 equals to 12. 444 is related to 12AM, which is the midnight cry appeared in the Ten Virgins parable.

Total Solar Eclipse
On March 20th, the total solar eclipse of the sun was visible to limited areas, and Norway was able to view the eclipse. It is a bad sign for idolaters as it is about the sun. The eclipse reminds of the darkness in Matthew 27:45, as the darkness may be caused by an eclipse of the sun. This 3 days of darkness in Matthew 27:45 could be related to the 2nd Hebrew month and our May, because when the clock sets from Israel, it is pointing to 11 o’clock direction, when the pointer was going towards Norway. Jewish November is also Gregorian’s February, that could be referred back to Jewish’s 2nd month and our May, which is this month. This signifies that this month could possibly be the month of the 3 days of darkness.

Visible Spiritual Realm 
It is a big sign of the closeness of JESUS return when CERN is attempting to break the veil related to Revelation 9. CERN has been frequently cranking up their machine. If it’s the perfect timing of GOD, and when they successfully break the veil, then demons would be able to come into our physical realm, not only that, but also will be physically visible to us. This event would be the time of the great global earthquake that is to come, according to the patterns of Matthew 27.

4 Minutes Left?
The severe 7.8M Nepal’s earthquake that happened in the 25th of April, where the origin time was 11:56:26. 4 minutes left until midnight, reminds of how close we are now until the midnight cry, which is the great global earthquake that will come very soon. This means that the bride of CHRIST will soon be translated!

This is the end of God’s Calendar’s Series.


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