God’s Calendars [Part 6]

Referring back to the Wheel Image (Updated): Below is the continued explanation of Part 5.

Lyar + 2 (Hebrew) & May (Gregorian) [P3]

Second Passover
The second Passover starts around 3rd of May to 10th of May. The unleavened bread is related to Passover, and it represents being sinless of the body of CHRIST, which is the bride of CHRIST today who are covered in HIS sinless Blood. 

It is also about communion, through the joining together of minds and spirits, because Eucharist means communion, when referring to the Last Supper which also used unleavened bread. Joining together reminds of being one with GOD, and that could also be another big marker related to the supernatural transformation of the bride or could refer to marriage (unite).

This is the time of having the chance to receive GOD and the leaving of Egypt (world). The 3 days of darkness is about setting free of those of the world back into GOD’s fold.

The Bridal Gown
In the prophetic dream/vision, Erin has a simple white linen without adornments before wedding on March:

The Patterns IV – The Invitation March 23rd, 2013
“As I entered in my robe turned to the simple white linen one. It was pretty, defining me as a female but, no adornments as a bride like before; simple elegance.”

But on May 12th, 15th & 17th, 2013 PENTECOST, Erin was seemingly wearing in a bridal gown with adornments:

“I was on the balcony of the Bridal Chamber. I still have this beautiful white gown, with golden ribbons woven from my fingers up my arms on both hands. There were pearls on them, very pretty…I had the beautiful woven sandals on my feet but I felt like I shouldn’t be wearing them as I was clearly standing in Holy Place. My feet, hands and skin were glorified.”

Therefore, May is a BIG marker as it was a time for Erin in her “bridal” gown with adornments, which means it is right before and at wedding time according to the pattern of her dreams! Bridal Chamber reminds of the Consummation period, so the bride is not too far away from her wedding now!

Month 2 & May As 25
The glorified age from Erin’s dreams seems to be 25 years old, therefore the month 2 (Hebrew), and May (Gregorian) which is NOW could be seen as 25, which represents the GLORIFIED state. The number 444 means rapture, and when it is divided as 4/4/4 equals to .25, again there’s this number 25! 2-May can be seen as 25, which is Matthew 25’s Ten Virgins Parable! NOW is the time of the Ten Virgins Parable! 2 represents union and 5 represents the wise virgins! The wise virgins will be united with her bridegroom JESUS very soon, through the joining of both minds and Spirits. 1 Thessalonians 5 is about the day of The LORD, looking at verse 1-10, could be seen as May 1-10, a high watch time!

Part 7 is planned to be continued.


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