God’s Calendars [Part 8]

Referring back to the Wheel Image (Updated): Below is the continued explanation of Part 7.

Sivan + 3 (Hebrew) & June (Gregorian) [P2]

Paul’s Shipwreck [P2]
Paul’s Shipwreck is significant to the Countdown of the First Call. Erin’s dreams starting from Chapter 29 was titled “The Final Countdown”, Chapter 30 as “Heaven Comes Down” and Chapter 31 as “Last Call”. Interestingly, Chapter 33 was titled “Home”.

Chapter 33 as Omer 33 would land on May 6/7. The 3rd of May Midnight is 4th of May, which is the 14th of Lyar. 4 represents the appointed time. 31 equals to “the end” and “the last call”. The countdown of Omer 31 would be around 5th of May, Omer 30 as 4th of May and Omer 29 as 3rd of May.

Also, see the pattern below from Erin’s dreams:
Vision and Word from Jesus today – April 3rd, 2013

Jesus: “Somewhat, look at the mustard seed now…..” He was pointing to the tree “Is it not beautiful and thriving here? The mustard is planted and harvested in April to help the grape. In May comes the rains, then the mustard is removed and the vine grows. It will endure the latter rains.”

Erin: “We stood out in the field as the rain became almost torrential. Then with a wave of His hand and at His command, the rain stopped. The ground was wet but it was the perfect amount of water. I looked down and small shoots from the mustard seeds came up from the ground.” … It was a short rain, was that enough?”

Jesus: He laughed. “The mustard seed likes dryer conditions. Mustard plants prefer outpouring.” (I was still confused)

The mustard (the bride) will endure the rain of May for a short time only. In May comes the rain, therefore it is possible that within a very short time during May, something significant will happen to the bride of CHRIST. It may be relating to the removal of the mustard (the bride), from earth to heavenly training out of the earth, during the time of the 3 days of darkness that is about to come.

Chapter/Omer 29 – Final Countdown 3/5
The storm may be coming and warning may come to those in the ark to stay in the ark, which is the bride of CHRIST. Would there be the 3 days of warning of the final shout and the cosmic event of red skies will be appearing during this day? Or is it a countdown of 3 days until the actual warning? Here’s something to think about.

Chapter/Omer 30 – Heaven Comes Down 4/5
The midnight of 3rd of May is the 14th of Lyar. The storm may be coming at midnight, just as on the 14th night. The storm is related to darkness according to the Sydney storm, and this reminds of the 3 days of darkness in some parts of the world.

Chapter/Omer 31 – Last Call/The End 5/5
The last call to join the bride into safety, before missing the First Call? Or is it the end of the days-of-the-normal into a new phase, because the great global earthquake will turn the world kind of upside down, in Revelation 6:14:

“And the heaven departed as a scroll when it is rolled together; and every mountain and island were moved out of their places.”

Part 9 is planned to continue.


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