God’s Calendars [Special Edition I]

This is the Special Edition of GOD’s Calendars’ Series. Just as the hopeful date as mentioned did not come to pass, does not mean it’s incorrect, as it could be logically applied to a future date with the same pattern. Below is the further explanation and don’t lose hope yet because the time of excitement is right ahead of us NOW.

Second Set of Second Passover
The first “Second Passover” has passed recently, however, by the Creation’s Calendar, especially May and June are worthy to set reference on. Their “Second Passover” starts on 14th of May, which is a few days later, therefore the same pattern of “communion” can also be applied during this period. As mentioned before, the meaning of communion is the joining of minds and spirits and this is referring to the joining of GOD together with HIS bride. The bread reminds of the body of CHRIST that is the bride of CHRIST today. Thus, from 14th of May to 20th of May is High Watch Time!

Paul’s Shipwreck/The Storm
Paul’s Shipwreck previously had referred to 3rd of May until 5th of May, however, as it haven’t begun yet it could also be seen as 14th of May (first day of second set of second Passover), because on the Creation’s Calendar, 14th of May is as 3rd of May. Omer 29-31 countdown to the end is from 15th of May to 17th of May. The storm comes at the 14th night according to Acts 27, which is 15th of May’s morning when it is the midnight of 14th of May. Therefore, 15th of May is a big marker about the storm. Remember that NSW, Australia’s storm resulted 3 days of darkness in “some parts” of the land, therefore this sounds like the partial 3 days of darkness that will happen before the worldwide 3 days of darkness.

The “Final” Countdown to Rapture
According to Acts 1:3’s 40 days pattern of soul harvest involving the bride of CHRIST, whereas 40 weeks of pregnancy is as 40 days, but the day and the hour of birth is unknown, so as the day and the hour of the rapture is unknown. However, the mother “knows” that approximately 40 weeks; she will almost give birth, just as the bride of Christ “knows” that approximately 40 days; she will almost be reborn to a new incorruptible body through the rapture.

The conception begins at the beginning of the 3 days of darkness, because the demonic locusts will come along quickly after the global earth shaking, which all happen before the start of the darkness. Comet ISON that looks exactly like a sperm had come to the sun, which looks exactly like the mother’s fertilization egg. This conception both took place at the constellation of Scorpio, which is a scorpion that represents locust in Revelation 9 (darkness event). The conception of the mother at the beginning of 3 days of darkness will mark the “Final” Countdown, until the coming of the Bridegroom Lord Jesus Christ for His bride and a new beginning of age that is the Great Tribulation.

Comet ISON had 186,000 miles of long tail, which is the exact number of the speed of light miles per second. Light comes from the East that land on 3 o’clock, which is June as 6:00 PM, thus there’s a relationship between the coming June and the approximate 40 days of pregnancy before the ascension (rapture) as of Acts 1:9.

CERN’s Collisions in May
According to CERN’s news on the 21st of March, 2015, it said “Even once the beams are doing complete laps, the teams do not expect to be creating actual collisions for about ANOTHER TWO MONTHS.” CERN will be colliding in May, which is THIS MONTH!

Also another confirmed news from the official CERN website itself “After the huge amount of work done over the last two years, the LHC is almost like a new machine,” said CERN’s Director for Accelerators and Technology Frédérick Bordry. “Restarting this extraordinary accelerator is far from routine. Nevertheless, I’m confident that we will be on schedule to provide collisions to the LHC experiments by May 2015“.



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