God’s Calendars [Special Edition II]

Hopefully this is the last post to say what is to be said. This is the continued post of God’s Calendars [Special Edition I].


Click to enlarge. [Added Constellations Per Month]

Deadlines of 6:00 PM & 6:15 PM
6:00 PM represents June, and 6:15 PM represents June 15th. As said in Erin’s dreams, seemingly the “early” bride will be picked up by JESUS the bridegroom, with the deadline of June 1st. This doesn’t mean June 1st is the exact date of the picking up, it just means that this is the deadline that things must happen no later than this timeframe. There will be a period of time between the barley harvest and wheat harvest, which is called the great soul harvest before the rapture according to the scripture’s 40 days pattern.

June 15th would be the deadline of the rapture door, which will be permanently shut according to Erin’s dream. Again, this is not saying that June 15th is the literal time of shutting of the rapture door, NO, not in the sense of date setting but to say that things must occur no later than this deadline. Since Creation’s Calendar is the target of our following, June 1st could be seen as 13th of June and June 15th could be seen as 27th of June. If things don’t pass by June 1st, no worries, because there will be around 12 days of delay.

The Constellation Journey of the Moon
Below are the approximate timeframes:
11-12th of May – Aquarius (Water)
Jonah 1:4 was talking about Sea (water), and there was a violent windy storm came, resulting the ship being broken. Even though 15th of May (Remember the Ides of March!) can be seen as the Paul’s Shipwreck (storm), both 11-12 and 15 can be a big marker in relation to the 3 days of darkness. The storm was so strong that it broke the ship is signifying destruction.

Destruction is coming to America very soon, and parts of this country hold a special place for the wrath of GOD. As prophesized by Warrior Princess, California and New York City will be hit by earthquakes that will kick off the cosmic event. On April 25th, the “highest” mountain in Nepal of the only Hindu (idol) kingdom was shaken, and so will be the fate of CA and NYC.

The “tallest” building in America (Babylon), NYC of WTC (idol – lusting over the dollar, drawing all nations to its spiritual fornication, see Revelation 18) will be shaken. The “largest” market by box office of the Film Industry is Hollywood in America, CA, will be shaken. The false idols of celebrities have exalted above God in many people’s lives and an entertainment industry all about blatant profanity, sexual immorality, lavish materialism, and promotion of every kind of sins. CA (West Coast) will be hit first before NYC (East Coast), just as Psalm 103:12 said that it starts FROM the West (CA). These two places are full of gross transgressions.

13-15th of May – Pisces (Fish)
Jonah 2:1 was talking about Jonah being in the belly of the whale (fish + darkness) for 3 days. Interestingly, the moon will be dwelling around Pisces for 3 days!

17th of May – Aries (Lamb)
Lamb represents the Lamb of GOD that is JESUS CHRIST/ YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH. The body of CHRIST is the bride of CHRIST today, just as CHRIST was crucified so the bride of CHRIST is crucifying her flesh daily against the lust of the world. This is the last Sunday of May and 7 represents completeness. When the bride of CHRIST will be changed around the 3 days of darkness in her incorruptible body, she will be perfect and complete, lacking nothing. Just as in Erin’s dream, JESUS hinted about the transition from 6 to 7, when she was changed into her glorified body.

The night of 17th of May is Omer 44 and 44 represents judgment. The great global quaking coming is a judgment to the world! When it comes, the transformation will be nigh.

Primary Lessons: Vision/Word April 9th, 2013 – “Then He walks to the stream after we greet. He picks up a stone and tosses it across the water; again, 6 hops and down on the 7th. He then repeats this.” The word “repeats” reminds of the two groups of bride of CHRIST, one transformed before another that too will be changed into their new incorruptible bodies.

18-19th of May – Taurus (Bull)
Bull represents CHRIST the coming judge and reminds of the “Life Review” when CHRIST will reveal HIMSELF to everyone upon the face of the earth, to give them an opportunity to repent and to make HIM as their LORD and SAVIOUR. The word “judgment” is synonymous to “review”. The Life Review would be showing each individual how GOD sees in their lives of their sins committed against HIM, and this could be a horrible experience for many.

May & June’s Constellations – Scale & Scorpio
In May is where the constellation Libra will be best viewed in the night sky in America. Libra is a scale and scale represents judgment. Therefore, May could be seen as the month of judgment. However, the bride of CHRIST is not subject to judgment, and interestingly the 11th month which is also February on the wheel is Cancer the Crab,  relating to month 2 which is May. The meaning of Cancer is “hiding place/covering – ‘Tegmen’ at the tail of the crab” and “eternal security”. Indeed, while judgment will take place, the bride of CHRIST will be protected by the Lamb of GOD.

So while June is Scorpion, which represents Locusts in Revelation 9 that gives torment to those without the seals of GOD, Leo that is the Lion of Judah (JESUS CHRIST) will soon be coming back for those who are with the seals of GOD, and they will be raptured into heaven; a place without sorrows, torment and pain.


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